zondag 14 april 2013

Hunting, Early Mornings & White Flowers

My cat Chloë sitting on my chest and meowing loudly awoke me at 4 am. Sleep would no longer take me over, so it was time to get up & feet the cats. While I was in the kitchen anyway I made a pot of tea and then got behind the computer to catch up with you...

It's a good thing you can't see me sitting here. In a lilac bathrobe, crazy hair (I'm sure) dancing round my head. Sipping tea & thinking to myself that my mini chocolate chip cookies are staring back at me. Not looking overly happy to be eaten. Seriously, do you not see their sad little faces in the picture above?!

Why don't you guess what I've been doing yesterday? Any thoughts? Let me just tell you straight away, I've been out hunting. Don't look alarmed, hunting for treasure not defenseless animals: I am a (proud) vegetarian as you know. But...
I love love love to go hunting for treasures of the literary-kind!

One of my favorite places to go is a secondhand bookshop not too far from home. A fifteen minute drive from Pale Rose brings me to a shop filled to the brim with books. Yes, you can smell old books from the street (a little and if you try hard) but I often browse their shelves and bookcases. There is SO much to see.

I walk along their tables and let my fingers slide across some covers, while I'm super concentrated and quickly read what's printed on those spines. I look for familiar names or subjects of interest. Though admittedly I can also be attracted to color. Or cover photo's that the staff of the bookshop strategically have placed on eyelevel, so hard to ignore :)

I lift out a few, I read a couple of back blurbs... But finding those books on my wishlist or other gems is not always ensured. This time I struck gold in the cookbook section, tadaaa:

I found some great looking books that I do not own yet, Veggie Chic & Vegetarian Pasta's. That's what they are called in English. I flipped through their pages and saw some beautiful looking pictures of fab food. The great thing about a vegetarian cookbook is that potentially I can cook anything and everything that strikes my fancy, it's all veggie!

So I did not have to think twice about sticking them under my arm & taking them home with me later. I browsed some more and then Dad showed me a book about midwinter. It too had stunning pictures inside & as the price was reasonable I bought all three books for less than 7 euro. A really good deal :D

When the books where safely purchased and inside my homemade totebag, the one with the stripes on it, I stepped outside and relaxed again. I always get a tad excited and a tiny bit anxious when entering this shop. Will I find something, What if someone else grabs it just before I can get a hold of it...

Silly really, as it's just a book and I have a lot of wonderful books at home. Those people might also really enjoy a great book, and I would be happy for them having it. I guess it is that "hunting-down-a-treasure" thing. Getting something lovely to read and enjoy, for a small amount of money gives me great pleasure. Is it a small form of an addiction? Maybe, but at least it's not bad for your health & can entertain you for a long time.

Mom loved my new finds when I brought them home, she looked through the winter book sitting comfy on our sofa & found the pictures a treat. It's from the year 2012 so still really new. I took my shoes off and settled on the couch next to her. I started to flip through my new books, accompanied by a cup of her homemade soup. I was tired of browsing the whole shop. Gosh how good it felt to be back home.

What I found adorable & an added bonus was that, the previous owner of the Veggie Chic cookbook wrote her findings in with the recipes. She did not care for the pumpkin soup, the spinach pie tasted a little too much like mint & the rice cake was simply delicious. I have no idea if I agree with her (I'm assuming it was a her by the handwriting: swirly and fancy). But I will definitely make something out of this cookbook. Pity Easter has already been here, or I might have tried a little dish for us then. Oh well, other days/things will come to cook for.

The sun was shining a bit in our livingroom and the plants that now bask in its glow had opened their blooms. Our Oleander & Easter Cactus are both flowering and their petals are white.

We thought we had bought a pink oleander last year, but it is definitely a white one. The Easter cactus is also white but that was the plan when we shopped for it.
So above is the surprise oleander, not a spot of pink to be seen & below the cactus's flowers. Years ago my mom had gotten an Easter cactus from grandma, but sadly the plant did not survive. Now we have a new one and it's looking pretty. I hope the girls are not going to chew on the leaves.

That's all for today, I'm going to (try) get some more sleep & will post this at a later hour.

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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