maandag 29 april 2013


Queen Beatrix announced this year that 2013 will be the last year in which we celebrate Queensday. Her son will take over and become our King, so next year we will celebrate Kingsday instead...

Those where not her exact words, but that's what it comes down too. This Queensday is special, as it might be a very long time until there will be a next Queensday to celebrate.

In all the shops everything turned orange: food, drinks, clothes, decorations, flowers, you name it. Everything is orange and here at Pale Rose Cottage we decided to orange things up a little too. In a very modest way we decorated in celebration of this historic day. We have a BIG bowl of oranges on the table, our orange sewing bag is on display. I have the two orange crowned "wuppies" (shown in first picture) sitting on a knitted pillow in my room... It's looking nice. There are people who have flags and balloons and loads of other things in the windows. We like to keep it simple & subtle at our place, sometimes less is more.

If you would buy a lot of coffee at the supermarket, you could get a free "Royal" spoon. A little spoon for stirring a teacup with a coin like portrait of the future King, his wife, them as a couple or The future King and his mother Queen Beatrix. We bought A LOT of coffee & now have a complete set of spoons to remember this special moment. I think they are lovely & might be taking some honey in my tea, just so I can use my new spoons :)

My parents still remember our Queen coming to the throne. But I was not born yet and am really looking forward to it :) We are all going to watch it together & maybe have a glass of orange juice or carrot juice to toast our new King. None of us drink any alcohol and I think it's fun to join in with a colorful drink.

Yesterday we already had a little treat with our midday tea. A slice of carrot cake with an orange zigzag pattern on the top. It was on sale at the supermarket and after reading the ingredients we decided to give it a try. Sadly mom has not been feeling too great & I keep getting these headaches... So this sale was the perfect excuse not to bake our own carrot cake for Queensday. It was a nice cake, not as good as my mom's homemade carrot cake. But few things are as good as that Dad said & I did enjoy it. The cake tasted of cinnamon and was light.

I have been drinking tea from a special teacup all week. I got a very large teacup and saucer with a crown on it one year for Christmas. The last days of April always seem like the perfect time to put it to good use. It does get heavy if you fill it up to the brim, so really a half cup is enough. There's also a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel to drinking tea from a giant teacup I think :)

There will not be a free-market here in the area, there never is. Which is a shame I think. Before we moved to the village where Pale Rose stands we could go to one & check out all the secondhand goodies people would try to sell. I don't remember buying anything other than a sewing basket & a fairytale book... It was always fun to see what was on offer. I was still a child then but the festive atmosphere and colorful bunting, the children playing musical instruments & just spending time with the family doing something typical Dutch was great fun! I remember that clearly.

This year will be good too, like I said we will be watching the TV and celebrate as a family. Maybe I will make us a sweet treat, or we'll do something else that's lovely. Haven't decided yet...

So if you're Dutch, what are you doing on this last Queensday? Any special plans? Do tell!

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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