vrijdag 19 april 2013

Rainbows, Applesauce & Rosemary Bread

Touched a rainbow today :D We have a crystal hanging in front of our window & it creates rainbows on the walls. Chloë likes to try and catch them. I could reach one and took a picture of it...

You can really see all the different colors. There was another rainbow on the ceiling a little while ago & there was also Someone under the rainbow, on a cabinet up high.... Well, the song goes a bit different but here's Charlotte lying underneath a rainbow. Such a pretty cat I think :)

I also have a great picture of Chloë, almost camouflaged on the sofa. Looking at me with such beautiful eyes. You can tell she is a darling. I'll share it with you here, don't you just want to kiss the top of her head? I do :)

I am getting distracted by our girls, the sun was out today & I ate a warm and sunny yellow "dish". Mom's homemade applesauce, with cinnamon on top! Yummy.

Apple and cinnamon are such a great combination. It was absolutely lovely and still warm. A lot healthier than apple pie which also contains apples and cinnamon & tastes like a slice of heaven. I had been thinking about apple pie you see, but decided against baking one. Then you would have to eat the whole pie and that does the hips no favor. Well it wouldn't would it, with loads of butter & sugar in it. But why I've been thinking about applepies: I saw this cookery show on TV Best of British.

Foodhistorian Ivan Day was on the show and talking about them. He also baked one from a recipe that was actually a poem. He showed "us" an applepie as they were made in Shakespeare's time. With a large raised dough case that would not have been eaten. They would cut the lid out and it was filled with whole apples, cored and peel mind you, but whole apples all the same. Then he filled the pie with custard so that all the apples where covered. I'd never seen an applepie like that before and found it really interesting :)

Here's a shot of the applesauce:

It is super easy to make! Chop up a bunch of apples and place them in a pan with a little splash of fresh orange juice. Let them go soft and puree so that they become a sauce. Put it in a bowl and sprinkle generously with cinnamon. No added butter and no added sugar. Enjoy :D

My sister has a friend with whom she does her crochet. One day she got invited for lunch with said friend, and she was served a rosemary bread that my sister really loved. She had asked her for the recipe & after getting it shared it with me.

I had to try it sometime of course, as I rather like the flavor of rosemary. It's my mom's favorite herb. I'm not sure what my favorite herb is, sometimes I think it's thyme but I also love basil in combination with tomatoes. But back to the bread: I closed all the doors, gathered the ingredients that where needed and went to work.

Here's a shot of me while forming the dough into a ball. I had to do it standing up, to have more strength. I'm wearing my knitted rose top again, one of my favorite items of clothing. Wish it was a hole sweater or cardigan. I kneaded the dough and let it rise, all the while in anticipation of a what I suspected was a delightful bread. I formed the bread and placed it on the baking sheet. Added the red onion and olive oil...

Then I baked it in the oven and voila, this is what came out:

It looks very nice I think, perhaps not as brown as I expected. Still I couldn't wait to find out what it tasted like. It was really lovely and I'll be making it again for sure. Mom said it would be great with a tomato soup and I think so too. Though I'm hoping we will not be having any soup-weather soon. We've had plenty of rain and I would like some more sunshine. It is springtime after all.

In the garden we had a few birds, 2 different types of butterflies and a big bee flying around. Some other insects also started to come out and move around. Now we wait for some more flowers and bright blue skies.

I'll end today's post with another cat photo, this time the ladies squeezed themselves in the serving tray that stands at the bottom of my bed. Inside it I have a folded quilt and they like to sleep on it, often at the same time.

I can't imagine this being comfortable for them, Chloë's head does not even fit in properly. But they do not seem to mind it too much. Perhaps they got tired of trying to catch insects on the other side of the window.

Have you been spotting any rainbows lately? Butterflies? Make your own applesauce? Love cats? Or bake rosemary bread? Share with me a little...

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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