woensdag 29 mei 2013

a Sewing "Date"

I think you probably know by now that I like to sew. There is something so satisfying about cutting pieces of fabric & then stitching them together in such a way to create a whole new item. Sometimes just for prettiness & at other times something really useful. Like a bag, to carry your weekly groceries in. Sturdy and environmentally friendly as opposed to plastic...

I've sewed many bags over the last two or three years. I always have a lot of fabric scraps left & then I also got some great fabric for my Birthday last October. So it was a fun project to do & I did it a lot. If you yourself are a crafter you might recognize the sudden interest in one subject. I can remember the angel period at 12 years old & my Teddy bear period a year or so later & the last one I had was just now: a totebag period.

When my friend S. came for tea at Pale Rose cottage, she admired my handmade bags and expressed the wish to learn how to make one herself. I offered to teach her & so it was settled that she would come for a day (or two) and we would sew together.

I have been looking forward to it & early this Monday morning the doorbell rang at last. Our sewing "date" was on :)

Since I have absolutely no need for another fabric totebag (I have probably more than 15 already) I decided to do something simple for in between "instruction giving". My friend S. is a smart girl & I had every confidence that she would pick things up quickly. Hence I figured I could do a little simple applique myself at the same time. Two birds type of thing...

I never even touched my own project. Not because I needed to help with the bag, she did great. But it was fun talking and assisting a little, making some suggestions that might guaranty success. I did not feel the need to do any sewing myself at all.

My friend S & I started our day with a cup of tea & Chai cake. On Sunday evening mom and I baked a cake, flavored with Chai tea. Mom did most of the work but I read the recipe and preheated the oven so, it was a joined effort ;)

It was the first time we made this cake & it turned out delicious, though not as strong in Chai flavor as I would have liked. S. had brought 3 new tea flavors and we could try them all during her visit. Which was a wonderful surprise! We started with the lemongrass tea and it was lovely. We all loved it, then we sat down at the dining table/sewing table & got to work.

She had brought some beautiful fabric and I could see the bag turning out beautiful just by looking at the fabric. A white base with origami animal print on it, moose, dear, wolves and birds & a dusty mauve for the straps and inside lining.

The pattern was chosen, the pieces cut out of the material & then I tried to explain how and why things were done a certain way. I never talked to anyone about the sewing process who was not a sewer herself. But as my friend S. is a designer and really creative, it was easy to do. Things went smoothly right from the beginning & we got a lot of sewing done. Then before we knew it: Lunch break...

Bread or knäckebröd with cream cheese, cheese and ham spread, organic ham, tomatoes, pickles, onions or bellpepper & more. After lunch we went back to sewing and things started to look great. The bag will have a small pocket for a mobile telephone & we picked an origami moose to be in the center of the pocket. This way it will be decorative and functional.

We had another snackbreak with an ice cream. The sun was out the whole time and it seemed a fitting treat. I had raspberry flavor & S. picked Tiramisu. We were careful not to stain the fabric by accident & then made another pot of tea. This time the Lavender tea, which was really good! Great for evening I thought. It was lovely spending time together again.

Then at 4 in the afternoon we said goodbye. S. had another appointment & I would start to prepare dinner with mom's help. The bag was not finished. All there is left to do is make the small handles, insert the two layers and stitch them together with the straps in between. I think we are more than halfway done. To be continued...

It was a long day of sewing, but time went fast. As time spend in good company always does :D I'll finish with a picture of some daisies sitting on our coffee table, I find them rather pretty.

Are you into sewing? What have you made recently? I would love to know!

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. The fabric looks great! Nice to read you had so much fun together!

  2. Sewing is one of my favorite things to do & when you can share it, the joy tends to double :)


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