vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Our Nature table & the Giggles

Spring flowers always evoke a sense of joy in me. Their delicate petals and colors. Their scent and silent message that the earth is coming alive again. Absolutely beautiful, so we had to bring a little bit of spring inside our cottage. What better way to do this then to decorate our nature table in pastels and flowerchildren...

What better way indeed then to add our brand new Spring fairy. Made from a cerise-pink silk and sheepswool by my mom. I helped her pick out the silk and come up with a hairstyle suitable for a fairy. The pattern from the book: De Seizoenen Tafel. I think the English title is The Nature Corner. The original pattern called for a pointy hat, but we did not like that so much. Much more witch or medieval maiden, rather than springfairy. Or so I feel...

It was a big project, all the silk had to be hemmed by hand. It's not so nice when you see all the stitches. So that took a long time, but my mom worked on it all the time. Here she is our antroposofic fairy in close up:

She could not remain seated in the branch all the time. Besides being a little top heavy, the cats also found this really interesting. So now she stands on the ground, resting for a moment after a long flight. Seen in the first overall picture of our display.

When we were kids, we had a yellow fairy. I like this cerise one even more. We also have some grape hyacinth flowerchildren on our nature table. They have a "real" grape hyacinth flower in their hand. Made from tiny blue wooden beads, green felt and a pipe cleaner. I think they are lovely, though that might be because these flowers have such a special meaning to me personally.

The lovely nature table full of flowers isn't the only thing that made me smile this week. I also have some good news. Remember when I told you about the writing competition I entered? Well, I won... can you believe it. At first I thought I had not read it correctly, but I am indeed the winner. A strange mixture of joy, disbelief and the giggles overtook me.

The mailman brought the prizes I won and I absolutely love the book. I have not read it yet, but it contains gorgeous illustrations (picture below). Mom and me admired them together during teatime. When I told people a day later, of my amazing news, I still giggled a bit: I'm so happy!

Let me take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who voted for me! I REALLY appreciate your support. Thank you for believing in me & loving my story.
It was super fun to write and I'm over the moon with the beautiful prices I've won.

So, did you create a Spring themed nature table in your home? Love spring flowers or spring fairies? Got the giggles lately? Tell me all...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Nice prizes, they look great! I'll soon see them for real when I visit again :D


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