woensdag 8 mei 2013

Painting, Pretty Flowers & Remembering

Life has been busy here at Pale Rose Cottage. We still found some time to enjoy ourselves & do something creative. Nature is coming more alive around us every day. Flowers appear and leaves grow quickly. The sun is out and about, time to add a bit of color to our cottage...

In our crafting suitcase full of crafty supplies there was a silk round screen. You know a circle of silk in a metal ring that can be painted. We did not have the correct paint anymore... But my mom felt inspired (anyway) to attempt to paint a sunset.

Since she's not too good health wise, she feels drawn to fun oranges or pinks, fuchsias and even yellows. The bright and vibrant colors give her energy and she wanted to paint a picture with these shades. Having the right materials makes all the difference in crafting, as you yourself (might) know only too well. Mom is not a quitter though and she continued to paint.

In the meantime I'll show you some beautiful flowers that we've had in our cottage this year. A few wildflowers and some from our garden. When you're walking outside, you can see that nature is blossoming all around. In our garden more and more flowers have appeared and in the fields wildflowers are coming up. It's really getting warmer outside and nature is starting to progress, so lovely to see.

This picture above was the first jar of flowers on our coffee table and then a while later some flowers had to be replaced & this next picture showed more of the prettiness that brightened up our livingroom. Gorgeous wouldn't you say?! The grape hyacinths are from Pale Rose's backgarden, we planted a pot there last year and they came back to greet us in 2013 :)

Under the glass jar/vase you see a green and white placemat with a scalloped edge. I think this adds something wonderful to the pretty blooms. Spring flowers are the best.
Now we have yet another set of flowers on display, but I have not made a picture of them yet. If you check out my previous post, you can see some more flowers on our nature table, accompanying our spring fairy.

Above is a photo of a primrose from our garden. They are not doing too great, we suspect that snails are eating the leaves... We did have this primrose left in perfect condition and we decided to try and crystalize it. At an Easter show on the television we saw that you can paint the leaves with egg white and then dip it in fine sugar to crystalize it. I found that really neat & wanted to try it myself.

We gave it a go and it went great. I got the honor of eating it, the flower did not have a special taste but was crispy and sweet (from the sugar). I think it's a fabulous thing to do on a cake. If you have enough clean flowers to work with, which sadly we do not at the moment. Oh well, maybe next year.

Back to mom's project: The painted silk took forever to dry, probably because this type of paint was not meant to go on it in the first place. In the end it did dry & my mom likes the colors, as do I. We put it on a sidetable, lighted some candles in front of the circle and it is lovely to look at. See for yourself:

Really warm and it does give you a bit of energy, don't you agree? Beside the silk circle on the left you can see part of another (old) painted picture. A poppy field, also done in watercolors. I think they go together particularly well.

On May 4 we all sat down as a family and watched the live program on TV. It's Rememberance of the Dead (dodenherdenking). Our new King and his Queen (as well as other people) placed a floral wreath at the monument on De Dam. The Royal couple had a wreath with white orchids in it, really pretty.

My grandparents and their close family members all experienced the war first hand. They knew fear, hunger and loss... They worried all the time and longed for peace. How fortunate I am to have never seen or felt those horrors in reality, up close for years on end. Something to be extremely grateful for!

So when everyone is absolutely silent for 2 minutes, and remembers all the brave people who fought and died during the war, our family joins in. It's always an impressive sight to see so many people together, united in their silence and thoughts... Great to be a part of it, even from the comfort of our own cottage.

So the day after that, May 5th it was Liberationday (bevrijdingsdag). A reason to celebrate living in a free country were peace is a normal part of everyday life. We did not do anything special but the sun was shining and I did some sewing. I'm working on a few projects at the same time.

We are clearing up our home you see & lots of things have already been donated to the charity shop. However, seeing some things on the list of going out, caused a stir in me. My creative wires came alive and I could see a few possibilities forming in my head. So I'm sewing lots of little things and hope to show you a completed project really soon. Stay tuned :)

Do you like to paint? Have lots of flowers in your garden or home? Remembered how amazing it is to live without war this week?

Jo's Daughter

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