woensdag 22 mei 2013

The Mailman, Books, Honey & Thyme

I've been on the lookout for the mailman. Every time I hear a small van drive through the street in which Pale Rose stands I stop, listen and have a quick little look. One time I saw the mailman's van slow down as it was approaching our cottage. My heart changed a beat and I wondered if today I would get a parcel...

Sadly he walked passed and delivered a box at our neighbors house. In an online contest I won a novel you see. Which came with some trouble as it was not originally an international contest. They forgot to put that in the post & so I entered. I was disappointed when the writer of the novel informed me I wouldn't get it after all, due to postage costs :(

But: the lovely lady from the website DID order it for me (Thank you Janet!) & I was anxious for it to arrive. So everytime I spotted the mailman do his rounds from the corner of my eye, I glanced out of the window. Saying to myself oh well: "Not just yet, maybe tomorrow".

Thinking that with all the January snow and all the February wind the mail might be delayed. March rain, April snow & early days of May soon followed. Giving extra meaning to the term SnailMail. Was the universe preventing me from reading this story? Surely not.

I'm an enthousiastic reader and try to read a chapter each evening before I go to sleep. Sometimes I'm just too tired to read but mostly I manage a few pages. So you can understand that the promise of a new "Jane" book was filling me with anticipation.

When I was at the height of my reading, what do you call it obsession or bug/phase? I would read about 3 books a week. Not the thin books but the bigger paperbacks or larger books. Of course I would also do some cooking, crafting and catching up with mom in my spare time. Now I read about 1 book a week & I'm ok with that number. As I rather have a good night's sleep or some quiet time with my family...

Here's a shelf in my bookcase:

Back to the mailman, I did not see him today. I was upstairs sewing on some buttons. One of mom's shirts had what I would describe as "swinging buttons". You know, they had come loose a little and where dangling on a piece of thread. To prevent losing them entirely & having a wardrobe malfunction, I sewed them back on again. I heard a bang on the doormat & a minute or two later Dad called me to say that a book had been delivered for me.

It was the missing manuscript, at last! Fitted right through the letterbox. After more than 4 months, lots of kind emails from Janet & many days of me "worrying" about it getting MIM (missing in mail). I can now curl up on the couch and enjoy my new book. I'm really happy about that :D

It's super cold here and a cozy afternoon/evening with a steaming cup of tea & a quilt sounds wonderful to me. Thank you again Janet, for everything!!!

My feet are getting really cold, the heating has to go out for a while. Something related to it has to be replaced. I'm not sure how it's all called or what it does exactly. Dad is in charge of those things and I no longer try to understand it all, it gets confusing for me.

Almost forgot to mention what I had as an early lunch just now. Brown bread with goatscheese, honey & thyme. A winning combination and I think it's one of my favorite things to eat! Of course I always say that after eating something really yummy. But it's definitely one of my (many) favorites. Have you ever tried it? You should, it's really delicious :D The thyme comes from our own backgarden. Mom went out to pick some a while ago. We dried it and filled our empty thyme jar with a new batch. It's really great and I missed not having our own thyme to cook with for so long. Never enough thyme they say & I agree ;)

I'm ending today's post now, to put on that extra pair of socks. I have some nice warm socks that are a shocking pink. (Brighter than in this picture above)
Mom says they are: too bright for daylight & so I only ever wear them if my toes are turning purple & I am at home. I think purple is perhaps a little exaggerated today but blue is cutting it for sure. I hope the heating is working again soon.

Are you reading anything good right now? Do you like goatscheese? Or have house socks that can only be worn under the cover of darkness... Share with me a little.

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Goat cheese is becoming so popular and now I remember why! This bread with honey and thyme looks fab.

  2. I think it's lovely, we should have it for lunch sometime soon :)


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