zondag 19 mei 2013

Whitsun & Beetroot Cupcakes

As the title already suggests, or should I say states, it's Whitsunday today. A holiday I've always heard of growing up but for some reason never really celebrated with vigor. We would perhaps have a small vase of wildflowers on the table and eat a special meal. But no other traditions would be added to this day. I'm not even sure if there are any special things that people do for Whitsun. This year however we have a new and homemade decoration in our cottage especially for Whitsunday...

A dove mobile & it's hanging from the ceiling. (See picture above.) Made by my lovely mom from blue + white sheepswool and white wool felt. For two weeks at a time she sewed doves and created this mobile. Not easy as her health is still not as good as we would wish it to be. My mom is not a quitter & despite a little frustration at the snail like pace, she carried on.

With great result I must say. Isn't it pretty? so symbolic, airy and delightful. I rather like it, it's an anthroposophic pattern and I like it's simplicity.

On the side table we have a small jam jar that my mom decorated with a blue crochet cover & in it there are a few Forget-Me-Not's that always remind us of my grandmother.

The color of the flowers is exactly the same as the yarn used in the crochet cover. I think it's looking lovely & you can no longer see the jam jar.

I've borrowed a Jane-type romance from the library & are almost at the last page. Then I have another story lined up & a cookery book to finish aswell. I have had a little trouble going to sleep lately & so there was some extra time to read. I have enjoyed this tale, but it's not a keeper for me I think.

This week with the girls first Birthday & with Whitsun so close I decided to bake us a new treat. Beetroot cupcakes with raisins and thyme. It sounded pretty great so I was curious how it would turn out.

The beetroots being a deep red, I hoped that the color would influence the outcome of the cupcakes. It did, they turned a delightful pink that matched my vintage style apron. See for yourself in the picture above :) The smell was yummy and after filling the paper cases I had to resist licking the spoon, as the mixture contained raw egg. But a good 40 minutes later these red cuties came out of the oven.

I took a few pictures before sinking my teeth into a still warm cupcake. Really herb-y & no sugar was added which is always awesome. I have a great recipe for carrot cake and feel inspired to make one again sometime real soon.

Though the beetroot cupcakes are gone, we have some delicious Dutch!! strawberries as a special treat. Nothing beats a Dutch strawberry in my opinion :) I will not be missing a slice of cake or some cookies to go with our tea today. A bowl of fresh strawberries will be heaven.

How are you celebrating Whitsun? Any doves decorating your livingroom? Flowers on the table? Or something else entirely? Tell me everything :)

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The beetroot cupcakes look delightful, hmmm! Very nice they‘re without sugar too!
    And strawberries are a treat anytime and everywhere :D

  2. They are indeed always a treat, I think that summer strawberries are the best ever :) But it's so hard to wait for them !


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