zaterdag 8 juni 2013

A Cozy Muffin & other Culunaire Treats

Don't you just love muffins? I do. Looking at them, eating them & creating them is a blast! I enjoy baking in general & indulging in homemade treats. Sadly most of my favorites contain sugar & I am trying to limit the amount of sugar that passes my lips. That's why I borrowed some healthy cookbooks from the library...

Savory healthy meals can be a fantastic treat too. With those I don't have to worry too much about an expanding waistline. So only vegetables have been going on the scale here at Pale Rose Cottage ;)

I told you earlier that I had already tried a new recipe for a Morrocan Stew. It was lovely and so I felt encouraged to try another recipe from that same cookbook.

I read all the recipes in this over 300 pages counting (rather heavy) book. All right all right, I admit it: I read all the titles. Those that appealed to me got a quick look through the ingredients. Then, if I was still interested, I would read how to prepare it. If it could be done in less than 1 hour, I stuck a post it between the pages.

This week I did a stock check. I closely inspected the fridge, freezer and pantry. Compared my notes to the necessary ingredients for some of the recipes that caught my eye. Did some shopping, put on my pink apron & started cooking :)

I made a Chicken salad with potato dumplings. The chicken was fake, I am a vegetarian. But everything else remained the same & voila. The result captured on camera:

I enjoyed this meal, the salad contained melon. (Not sure if you can see that in this photo) A fabulous combination with the chicken & dumplings. I wrote this one down in my personal cookbook aswell.

On another day I prepared a French Ratatouille. With eggplants, tomatoes and bellpepper. Served with a simple salad and feta cheese. Yummy!

Again a meal we all enjoyed and might cook again. All the recipes I made claim to be good for your health and that's a good thing. I do have a little sweet (baby?) tooth though & confess to thinking about cookies or cake or the occasional muffin.

I ate non off them & even avoided them in the supermarket. Where I purchased tofu, tea & bananas from my shoppinglist. Yet I did hold one in my hands and looked at it with some delight. I admired it and honesty permits me to tell you that I (yes I, Jo's Daughter) did make it.

Not out of cornflour, sugar and butter... But foam, fabric and a few stitches. The muffin I'm talking about is a tea cozy! Remember me telling you about sewing a tea cozy in my previous post?

Yep, I made a muffin teacozy, isn't it fun? I rather like it. The linnen fabrics I picked out have that old look. Faded colors to hopefully give the impression that this novelty teacosy has been in our home for many years. Did I succeed? I think I did. Here's a picture that shows me sewing the sprinkles on the icing. Notice the bandige on my finger?

With much enthusiasm I started this project. With an even greater sense of happiness I threw the tea cosy in the air & whooped with joy when I had sewn the last stitch. It took me three weeks to complete. That is correct, 21 days to sew this muffin by hand. The foam prevented me from using the sewing machine & so my fingers have holes in them.

The fabric might one day be examined by a CSI-type-ish team. My DNA has been absorbed in more than one place... I cleaned it as good as I could, but traces might still linger ;)

Sorry, I'm a little silly today. I'm so happy this cozy is complete & it fit's our herbal teapot. What a relief, the normal teapot we use is too big. Our herbal teapot being slightly smaller fits fine & so it has not all been in vain. Let's celebrate with a cup of tea...

Do you use a tea cozy? Made one yourself? Cooked any healthy new recipes lately? Tell me everything!

Until next time,

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