zondag 16 juni 2013

Father's day

Happy Father's Day !

The smell of coffee is floating through the air here at Pale Rose. Dad likes his morning coffee. Us ladies do not care for it at all, but Dad loves it & so early this morning I started a brew. Fingers crossed it will turn out allright. Time to set the table and start the celebrations...

It's always difficult to treat my father, he is a man obviously. So flowers and cupcakes or pretty thing I personally love are not his cup of coffee ;) I would say tea, but he does not drink that: so coffee it is.

My father likes puzzles and he collected bookmarks, he enjoys chocolate and good food. Watching documentaires, reading the paper. But movies or games, gadgets, footbal stuff or other "father-things" are not his taste. Shops are full of those things...

I finally decided to surprise him with a little something useful & hopefully he likes it. We will have to wait and see. I feel fortunate to celebrate another fathersday this year & hope for many more to come!

Here's a picture of the cherry cheesecake we will be having later today. Along with some Retro drinks & a few flowers added to brighten things up. I think it looks nice and cheery. Not too much frou frou, Dad likes things simple. Let's hope the weather stays good. A little Sunshine would be great, we could go for a walk.

I'll be keeping it short today. Don't want to leave my Dad alone too much on fathersday by chatting with you for "hours". I shall post something soon to make it up. Keep watching this space ;) In the meantime enjoy this photo of a rabbit. I spotted it in the grass and managed to take this fuzzy picture.

Happy (fathers-) day & I'll speak to you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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