dinsdag 11 juni 2013

Girly Day with Mom

On Sunday it was just the two of us, my mom and me. Charlotte & Chloë were at Pale Rose aswell off course, but Dad went to visit my sister to help her hang some curtains. It being just us girls we decided to have a girly-day.

Now for most ladies having a girly day might include dressing up, experimenting with make-up, drinking some wine perhaps? Not our thing really...

We started by making a pot of Jasmine tea! With a beautiful tea flower from China. A gift we have been treasuring for a while. It was a little difficult to finally use it. Realizing that we would not be able to admire it or daydream a little about it while staring at it ;) But the delight of drinking it made up for that! Is there anything more delicious than Jasmine tea?

After some minor jobs around the cottage had been done, the dishes all washed and lunch prepared: it was crafting time here at Pale Rose. Mom picked up her knitting, a grey/blue mohair shawl. It is the exact same color as her eyes & I think it will look stunning on her. The first picture is of the wool she worked with, the photo is a bit brighter and lighter than the real thing. You can see it much better in the one above.

I also wanted to do a little crafting. Some sewing, I worked on my linnen cushion cover. I made a very simple cover for an existing cushion out of the linnen fabric I had. Once it had been a top, but it wrinkled like mad. Wearing it you would always end up resembling an old tattered newspaper, not a great look for anyone :(

I added some straps to close the cushion cover & then decided to create something as an embellishment. I do like the plainness of the linnen cover, but it just needed a bit of oomph. I rummaged through my little box of scraps and trims, ribbons and other trinkets. I stumbled on 2 crochet flowers that I had been given by J. She in return had received them from a lady called G and passed them to me. The lovely J knows I'm always crafting and needing more "craft supplies". They are beautiful and I wanted to incorporate them in a sewing project for a while, so it was a perfect match really.

I picked a bit of linnen look-a-like woven band & turned it into leaves to compliment the flowers. Sewed everything to the cushion and my new project was completed on our girly day.

Very neutral and pretty in its simplicity I think, it looks lovely on the sofa. Just have to make sure nobody sits directly against it or it will wrinkle again. Ironing linnen fabric is not my favorite thing to do in the world.

Mom had already been working on her shawl for many hours, also on previous days. Her arms are still painful and so crafting, though possible, does not progress at lightning speed. No problem as far as I'm concerned, it's enjoyable and why the need to rush? But I do understand her frustration at not being capable to do with your hands as your mind and heart desire. Her shawl got finished & she placed it on a hanger to show it properly. It looks very hug-able.

We chatted about the old days, laughed out loud (at some point our tummies even hurt). The sun was even shining a little. Then Dad called to say he was on his way home. Our girly day had come to an end, but I did not mind it one bit. We had a great time, it was quiet and comfortable with just the two of us. Yet being together again as a family is even better. We had dinner and a biscuit with our afterdinner cup of tea. The wrapper had a picture of cookies dressed as little French men on it, made me smile.

The three of us watched Lewis (the detective) on TV, stayed up till passed midnight. Chatted long on the phone with my sister and I thanked her for the fun surprise she had given me. A bottle of coke with my name on it :D Really cute, thanks so much! That's pretty much what happened here at our cottage.

Sundays are fun days, especially when you spend them with somebody special, or at home :)

How was your Sunday this week?

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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