vrijdag 14 juni 2013

My week with Mr. Darcy

I think that by now you know me a little, or perhaps even know me enough to be aware of my love off all things Austen. It's no surprise then, that spending a week with Mr. Darcy is my idea of a little slice of heaven...

I know he's fictional and rather ancient mind you. So coming across him in real life is not in the cards ;) But spending time with another Darcy-esque man can be enjoyable just the same.

Early on Monday morning the mailman brought me a brown package from America. By looking at the senders name I knew instantly that I would be having some fun hours that very evening and possibly the evening after that. I clutched it in my arms and waltzed a few steps in the entrance hall/corridor of our cottage. The door does have a window, but I don't think the neighbors had an inkling of what went on at the other side of it. How fortunate as I never learned to waltz and just immitated what I prusumed to be the correct movement in a moment of joy.

Back to the package, it contained a book. Not just any book but THE book I had been so looking forward to. A Weekend with Mr. Darcy, a wonderful gift from Meredith, Thank you so much!! Doesn' t the picture on the cover look nice enough already.

I had this book on my wishlist for a while. My wishlist however is several pages long & might never actually end up in my charmingly overflowing bookcase. Such is life and no matter really.

Still I was over the moon that this particular book, in the top ten on my list, DID join my ever growing collection. I have collected a nice collection of what I call Austen-books. But you can have never enough of those.

Now I was able to spend some quality time with a (if again fictional) man, appreaciative of Austen's style. I did not wait for evening to come upon us & settled on the sofa the second I had a moment to spare. You see, every other half hour or so the book (begging to be read) seemed to come into view & I could not resist it any longer. It was calling my name.

I indulged in a Hopje or two, a coffee flavored old fashioned Dutch sweet. They are really good! Quickly I was swept away to England and attending a Jane Austen conference...

Lots of little things had to be done at Pale Rose this week, washing and ironing. Cooking, sweeping the floor and dusting, so sadly I did not read for hours on end as is my preference with a catchy story. It took me a few days to finish my new book. I enjoyed it tremendously and have decided to keep it for a second reading in the future.

After spending the week with Darcy in disguise, I had another man delivered at my door. Aren't I a lucky girl... 

This time a Regency man by the name of Rhys, his story was given to me by the lovely author, Diane. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness! Oh my hands are aching to pick it up and start reading this book. It sounds very intruiging :) Perhaps I'll begin a few pages with my next cup of tea...

We have a new tea flavor to try out. When mom and dad went shopping this week, they surprised me with some new to me teas. One is called Love and the other is called Concentration. We have sampled the Love tea, wich was lovely indeed & today we shall make a pot of concentration tea. It has Ginseng in it, green tea and other things aswell. Sadly I forgot what they are at this moment. Will have to get back to you on that. 

Above a picture of both tea flavors, I like the cardboard box they come in. Though tea can never be judged by its appearance. It's all about the inside :)

On the left (in the photo above) you can see a bit of our Peonies. We have two varieties in our cottage garden. A pale pink one & a bright pink one. Peonies are some of my favorites, such blousy looking flowers. Sadly they can quickly loose their petals, when visited by bees. There are loads of bees in our garden & so my mom picked a few of them to put on a vase. It seemed a shame at furst but... They last a long time! Also the sight of them can be enjoyed more in the close surroundings of our livingroom, on a rainy day such as today.

Are you a fan of Austen inspired books? Regency stories? Have any new tea flavors? Or a passion for Peonies? Tell me everything!

Until later,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Oh I'm so happy my package made it to you safely! I'm always so worried about that when I ship something overseas! I'm so glad you had a pleasant time with Mr. Darcy!! Thank you for all your kind words! :)

  2. Thank YOU Meredith!!!! Your package was wrapped carefully and it arrived really quickly. Which was awesome as I could not wait for it to get here ;) The story was super fun and I know I'll want to read it again sometime in the future.


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