donderdag 27 juni 2013

No more Pale Rose?

Moving house can seem monumental, so much to pack up in boxes and loads to organize. The huge change of environment and don't forget living in a different home. All new faces and new streets to explore. New sights and new sounds at night. It takes some getting used to.

Oh, don't worry.... we are not leaving Pale Rose Cottage! No we're not the ones moving home. My sister is & I was just thinking about all the thing that needed doing. To be perfectly honest, I personally didn't even do that much. Still I find it tiring, thinking about it all & I'm only helping unpack a few boxes. How weird is that ! :)

Rearrange furniture and hanging up clothes is simple & it helps, so I was glad to be able to do it. When we had a drink together, my sister showed me all sorts of pictures with decor ideas that she collected. Inspiration for making her new home a little different. She's thinking grey, yellow and pink & homemade off course. Like her crocheted orange in the picture, cute.

I'm curious to see how she's going to do the place up & transform it into a reflection of her fun and vibrant personality. Here's one of the (craft-) pictures I liked:

When we were all at her new home, we joked about camping at her house. Mismatched plates and cups, missing tableware. Not enough tea towels and where is that clock to see if it's time for tea already. No clock and no teapot, oh dear that is not so handy when you're planning to make tea!

We haven't been camping since I was what 5 years old or so. Don't even know the precise date, it's THAT long ago. Non off us liked it anyway. Sure being surrounded by nature is awesome. Hundreds of bugs, sand in your sandwiches and no basic bathroom, well least said and all... I'm definitely a country girl but not so much a camper.

The view from her new livingroom is beyond beautiful, lots of green and you can see for miles. I took a few pictures but the camera had issues (again) and I seem to have lost them. To be added later perhaps.

My sister cooked us a hot meal (Nasi) we all sat at her dining table without a proper light hanging above it. Boxes surrounded us & yet it felt like old times to me. For years we all had dinner together every night. So much happened and changed & so much will never change. Like how good it feels to be a family, spending time & eating together.

When we went shopping yesterday the radio in the shop played a spicegirl song popular when I was a kid & the repetitive words of Who do you think you are annoyed me. Other people seemed to like the fact that some music was played & only Mom and me looked at one another.

I sighed and rolled my eyes at her. We smiled and knew without saying that for us, the quietness of a shop with only a handful of people, would not be such a bad thing. Then I changed the words to fit our life these last few days: "moving house, making it home. We are family, I had my sister a whole day with me"... Oh wait that's another song ;) I'm not BIG on music, it tends to get stuck in my head.

Enough sillyness, with my sister's move & clearing up some things in my own room, I didn't do a lot of crafting. I have a ton of projects in my head & lots of material collected for them already. But Chloë's eye, help (a little) moving, Mom not feeling to great & life being life it didn't really happen.

I have read a lot of books though, couldn't sleep & I spotted a beautiful moon in a light blue sky. (See picture above, taken at Pale Rose.) Those books that I did not wish to keep are going to the swap shelf in the American library at my Dad's old army base. I DID make little notecards that I placed in all those books. Hopefully someone finds them, smiles and comes to visit me here... That was the idea anyway.

I saved some pretty wrapping paper I once got from J, clipped out the pictures & glued a picture to each little card. I wrote a little note and my blog address on it. After I drop off these books I'll just have to wait and see if anything happens, or not :)

Almost forgot why I put that title above this post: We no longer have any pale roses growing at Pale Rose cottage! The insects had taken them over, all the green leaves where eaten & so Mom made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to remove them from the garden. It wasn't easy, here's a picture of the first and only pale rose of this year.

What have you been up to? Spend time with someone special? Cleaned your room/house/garden? Listened to old music in shops? Or something completely different.... Spill!

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. What a good idea to make some little notecards that you placed in all those books.
    We also hope someone finds them and visit you at your blog!
    We wish you good luck!

  2. Hi!

    You've been very busy indeed! I hope by now D. is settled in her new home and that I can visit her soon! I liked what you said about the family moment at the dinner table, it's something rare for me too since my sister has been living in the Hague... But it makes it an extra special moment you should cherish :)

    Though not sleeping is annoying, the picture you made of the moon is beautiful!

    And I also really like the notecards in the library books, if I found something like that it would make my day :D

    Hope to see you soon.


  3. Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments! I hope you will see your sister soon S.


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