maandag 24 juni 2013

Pale Rose's Garden & a Patient

One of the best things about our cottage, is that it comes with a garden. So looking out the window on any day of the year will give you a changed scenery. Off course, the tree does not move and neither do the plants. But they grow, form leaves and flower. Always evolving & so a walk through the garden here at Pale Rose will reveal many different and interesting little things...

I went for a walk this morning, before breakfast I quickly brushed my hair, popped on some shoes & took my camera with me. Some poppies had flowers and with the rain we've had all plants had altered shape. More leaves, bigger leaves, brighter green. So much to look at.

Mom joined me and without words we had a fabulous time together. Sometimes those comfortable silences can make you feel really close. They are soothing and we could really use a moment of contemplation.

Our Chloë is ill you see, well she isn't ill exactly. She has an infection in her eye & this makes her feel ill. For the second time in less than a week her eye was super red and some nasty fluid came out of it too. We had washed her eye several times but now that the redness had returned, she also cried in distress when we attempted to aid her. She allowed a cold washcloth to be carefully held against her eye to cool it, still...

We had to go and see our vet, this was more serious now. On Friday I stayed home with Charlotte, she has never been completely on her own and with her sister leaving the house I did not want her to think we abandoned her.

Mam and Dad took Chloë to her appointment. She's always really scared and this time was no exception. The wait for them to return seemed long. Doesn't time always appear to stand still when you are worried and anxious to hear what the doctor said?

She has an infection & we got drops to place in her eye three times a day. We have given them to her a few times already over the weekend and can see an improvement! That is excellent news wouldn't you say. Her eye is no longer closed at all times, she opens it more. No dirt coming out of her eye anymore... Good signs for sure. She even played a minute or two with her felt ball. Before she did not want to play, not even with her sister. Charlotte didn't seem to understand why Chloë didn't want to play with her. The girls are Always running after one another, playing ball & hide and seek. I tried to tell her about Chloë's sore eye, but she only seemed puzzled by her sister's sore temper.

Here's another sight we saw on our walk through Pale Roses garden. That's our lavender in de background, some white foxglove at the front & a glimpse of me. I tried to smell the lavender but it's still too early in the year.

After our delightful stroll around the garden, I decided to make a cup of green and lavender tea. The dried lavender of last year's harvest, I could use a relaxing brew. We checked our patient once more, she seemed to be sleeping peacefully on my bed. Covering her eye with her tail.

Then Mom & Dad had to go to another Doctors appointment for Mom this time. I set the timer for the tea and now I'm catching up with you :)

Being ill is never fun, for no one. But when your pet is sick and cannot tell you what is wrong it's hard, because you wonder if you missed earlier signs. The girls do talk to us, but sadly I don't always understand their language. Most of the time I do, their eyes are really expressive. So I guess that's why I was shocked to see Chloë's eye so red and sore when I looked at her last week. It was a little scary, I admit. I keep my fingers crossed for more improvements and complete recovery.

Oh, tea is ready and so I shall see you again sometime later. I hope you enjoyed our garden :)

Do you have/had a garden? Like gardens? Drink green & lavender tea? How's your pet? Talk to me! I'm listening...

Jo's Daughter

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey the garden looks beautiful now :)
    Not good news about Chloë! I hope that she is feeling better again soon!

  2. You can be very proud of your garden!
    We like all the flowers you have there!
    Enjoy it!

  3. Glad you both enjoyed our garden. Thank you for your good wishes, I'll tell Chloe :D


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