woensdag 5 juni 2013

Tea is the Answer

My beloved Grandma was a BIG believer that a steaming cup of good strong tea, is a panacea for everything. Happy? let's have a cup of tea, Sad? I'll put the kettle on. Sick? I'll brew you a cup to get your strength back in no time...

So when our car had to go back to the garage for repairs a third time & came out making an even louder noise... I needed a cup of tea. Then on the drive home a stone flew against the window & created a star on the right side of the glass... I really needed a cup of tea.When we were back at the cottage, the construction work going on two doors down the road & the builders further up the street were all making a lot of sounds too. Scaring Charlotte & Chloë. Making my existing headache even worse. The workers where all just doing their job, but I wished they would rest a day and come back tomorrow... Why was the water not boiling already??

The best way to cope with it all, truly was with a steaming cup of good strong tea. After all it's good for everything, right?! Even headaches and bad moments.

Mom and me had a cup or two, ok let's be (brutally) honest at least three cups of tea this afternoon. We used our pretty cups, the ones from mom's grandmother with tiny roses on them. They are a bit small I find, back in great-grandma's time tea was a luxury. Served on special occasions & only in small doses.

Tea is still a luxury to me, but I am fortunate enough to be able to drink it every day. I am feeling better, but it's probably not just from the tea alone. Also from talking to mom for a long time & from looking again at the fabulous mail I got earlier this week.

J&H had sent us a big envelope. Inside there was a cute card for me aswell (see picture above) & a stunning postcard with a picture of some romantic birds. They are sitting on a branch that has buttons as flowers sewn on. Adorable, it's from Clayre & Eef.

J recently visited a fair & has surprised me with this beautiful gift from there. Thank you so much !!! The buttons are really pretty & I rather like buttons, as you might know :) I even have a small collection of pretty vintage ones. These fit right in, but I have the postcard on display in my room for now.

For dinner I made a Morroccan stew with sweet potatoes in it: Chickpeas, Zuchini & Mint. I got the recipe from a healthy cookbook I borrowed at the library & it was lovely I thought. I wrote it down and intend to make it again sometime. Here's a picture of the stew.

I treated myself to a cappuccino filled chocolate that I got from my sister. She got some chocolate with her magazine a while ago & had saved me a bonbon with cappuccino filling. I had kept it for a special occasion and decided I had a chocolate emergency today. It was delish! I had it with a cup of cocoa, thinking this day called for a special double sweet treat.

Now I feel like myself again. My head is ok (the chocolate didn't make it worse). I'm no longer upset about all the little setbacks we had. Life doesn't always go smoothly, everybody knows that. But it's important to find a good moment in every day. I had many good moments today & so even though I don't really need another cup of tea. I'll have one just the same, while doing the last hand of sewing to my latest project: A tea cozy... Hope to show it to you soon :)

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. It's really lovely that tea makes you think of your grandmother, a good memory :) My own grandmother had teacups similar to those of yours, but with the months of the year on it and matching flowers to that month. It reminds me of her too!

    And your grandmother is right, it does cure or at least soothe everything :D


  2. How wonderful that everyone would have their own special teacup at your Grandmothers house!


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