zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Toadstool Salad, Sunflowers & Shearing Sheep

Toadstools are fun! Their bright red caps with polka dots have a whimsical friendliness that I find utterly charming. So when I spotted a picture from a toadstool salad that was completely edible & looked really cute I wanted to try it myself...

As you know toadstools are poisonouss, as well as seasonal. So how can you make an edible toadstool salad in Springtime? Well, you only need lettuce and a bunch of radishes & something for a dressing. Also a sharp knife and a little creativity.

You see, the toadstools are cut (or should I say carved) out of the radishes. This is super easy to do. I did it in half an hour for the first time ever. Which is why I think it would be lovely to do for (or with) kids aswell. No kids here at Pale Rose cottage, but we adults loved the toadstools all the same.

Here's how you yourself can make radishes look like toadstools: Make a shallow cut around the center of a radish. Do not cut the radish in half, this line indicates the place where cap and stem of toadstool meet.

Chop a very small slice of 1 end of the radish, so it can stand on the table later. The point now is to make a little square stem from the side where you cut the little top of.
Cut a half moon away on the left & on the right sight of the white radish end. But leave something in the middle, this is the stem! Turn a quarter and cut left and right away again so that a white square is underneath the red half circle.

Are you still with me? Gosh this is hard to explain in English... I should have made more pictures. Anyway, if you have a white square attached to the red half round radish, you sort off smooth the edges of that square to get a rounder stem. By removing the sharp edges.

Then you carefully cut out tiny with dots on the red part of the toadstool to get the polka dot effect. Use the tip of the knife to do this. Your toadstool should be ready for the salad. Make toadstools from all the radishes & sprinkle them on top of the green salad which already has it's dressing on. Here's what our salad looked like when I put it on the dinner table:

Pretty cool huh? I will definitely make it again next year. I also got this idea that a few toadstools each stuck on a toothpick would remain standing up in a hamburger. Toadstools growing from the earth type of thing :) That would look great too I think, will have to give it a go!

So to the sunflowers, you've already seen the first picture in this post. It was taken minutes after my mom sowed some sunflower seeds. Last year as a small gift we got a packet of seeds from J&H, which I loved. The sun having shown its face a few times already, made my mom decide to sow the seeds indoors in little pots. This way we could monitor them, enjoy them & hopefully have more of them. Pots sat in all the windowsills of Pale Rose Cottage, every seed it's own container & soaking up every ray of sunlight available. With success, as soon tiny bits of green appeared on the surfaces of the plantpots.

They grew bigger and bigger & above is a picture of what they look like now. The window is on the right side & you can tell by the fact that they are all growing towards it. Everyday we flip the serving tray round & the sunflowers bend towards the other side again. How flexible they are :)

In total we have 8 sunflowers growing and we hope to get 8 gorgeous blooms aswell. They would look fantastic in the garden & my mom even wanted to give one to my sister as a little surprise (Hope you're forgetting what I just told you here sis. So please act surprised!!)

One day this week we were driving home & came across three men shearing sheep. It was raining a lot, but mom and I got out of the car and took a few pictures. Getting wet was worth it, I even petted a sheep through the fence. They have such unusual eyes :) It was fun to watch & I hope you enjoy the pictures aswell.

Here's another fun photo of last year. We are drying more thyme from our own garden & it looks pretty much the same as it does here. Minus the red pepper, we do not have one of those hanging up this year. But the thyme will be delicious & maybe even medicinal as a tea. Though I hope we will not need it this fall & stay healthy.

What's been happening at your place? Growing any flowers from seed? Eat a lot of radishes? Came across some sheep lately?
Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter 

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