zondag 14 juli 2013

Happily Making Lunch

Sewing and cooking are hobbies of mine. I really enjoy both & when you can do one or the other in the company of loved ones it doubles the fun. My sister came to lunch, remember me telling you about that in my last post? It was a spontaneous decision and it brought me joy and a little bit of a nervous feeling in my tummy. Thinking about our food supply and the limitations in regards of elaborate creativity...

Luckily we live in a time where you have freezers at hand. We have a small freezer at our cottage to keep berries & vegetables chopped and ready for soup. We freeze our home baked bread too, not all of it. But if you bake two breads, three people cannot eat them all. Having it a little fresher for the next week is wonderful.

In the freezer I spotted a package of springroll pastry. Mom and me had once bought this with the intend to make our very first and homemade springrolls. When we got back at Pale Rose my dad was a little skeptic. We had never made Thai springrolls before, never eaten them either. He is not a very adventurous man when it comes to food. So it took a little persuading. Dad still wasn't sure but no longer looked like he wished to return the item ;)

I popped it in the freezer & forgot all about it, every time I planned a meal. Now with the issue of having lots of food at home, but many not to my sister's taste, I looked at its potential. Pulled out some cooking books and spotted a recipe for Thai springrolls with a vegetarian ginger filling. I double checked the pantry and yes, you guessed correct, we would be having a Thai lunch.

I have never had Thai food, we don't eat out a lot. You see, I love cooking! So why would I wish to pay someone to take that pleasure away from me? It can be very nice to have a good meal and try new dishes at a restaurant. Still , I would rather experiment in my own kitchen :) Reading recipes, thinking about cooking, shopping for food and trying things is just as much fun or more!

We also had a can of fruit on the shelves: Rambutan. Have you ever had these? I didn't know what to expect. The picture looked a lot like a Lychee fruit. Because it was something new my mom brought it home once. Tinned fruit is in our opinion never as great as fresh fruit, but we did have this one at hand & it was Thai. Surely that would go together with the springrolls, as a dessert.

My sister arrived on time and as I already set out all we would need. We got cooking. She's efficient in the kitchen and plans ahead. With a demanding job and little free time she has had to learn. Mom said that it looked like we worked in a restaurant. Side by side preparing, rolling and frying. Pink aprons on and pony tails :)

It was a lot more work than I had expected. Getting the pastry from the pile in one piece was tricky as it is super thin. Then making sure it does not rip open when filled or placed in pan = tricky too. My sister and I make a good team, we even jokingly planned to go into business together, selling springrolls to the villagers.

We had a big pile of golden crispy Thai springrolls for lunch, with a green salad and
soy sauce dip. I found them delicious and my family did so too. Dessert was also delightful and we will be buying the fresh fruit for Christmas. Round that time they appear in shops here so... It was an amazing weekend. First visiting my sister and then her coming to lunch here at Pale Rose, lovely!

After she left in the afternoon I did a little sewing. I made a little sign that says HAPPILY. The fabric was an ordinary cotton and I stained it with strong tea to get the antique/vintage look. Then I did the same with a white piece of band that turned into the hanging loop. I added two readymade little embroidered flowers. Made loads of tiny knot stitches in between them to add more flowers. Used the stomach piece of the owl I found. Remember my post about letters and recycling? You can see the original owl there. The basket in which the flowers grow is her tummy.

I also sewed a pinkish ribbon at the top and I am happy with my new crafted piece. You have seen the finished result in the first picture. I enjoyed making this little sign and I also happily made lunch with my sister. It was a very nice week here at Pale Rose Cottage. Many a moment did I think about our perfect weekend filled with laughter and love. Especially when I looked at the little "Happily-sign" hanging in our livingroom :) Hard to belief another week went by already, time sure flies.

Tell me what happened at your place. Would love to hear from you.

Jo's Daughter

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