vrijdag 19 juli 2013

High T & A Busy Bee

Been short on time these last few days. Well, I've been busy I mean. Mom had to go to some doctor appointments and I saw my GP as well. We had to do some food shopping, cleaning & I went to the city to find some new summer clothes on sale.

Loads of things seemed to come together and I haven't done as much crafting as I would have loved. So many projects and so little time ;) I have made two tiny bees...

Out of literally a scrap of yellow fabric, some small piece of black wool & a thin white ribbon (that I cut out of my new pink skirt). I sewed these two bees that are, when placed together, about 1 inch in length. Can you see how tiny in this picture?

A fiddly job but I think that they are super cute :) Also love, that I made them out of nothing really. It's satisfying to make a little something, from stuff you could do less to nil with. Not that I need to be so frugal (thankfully), but I still like to make use of what I have in my crafting closet. Everything used to the max :)

I hung them up in a plant on the side table, but now they have been taken down already. Charlotte and Chlöe like bugs you see. They chase the real ones and love the fake ones too. The ladies would whack them with a paw and watch them fly violently. It was so much fun that the girls started fighting over who got to hit the bees next.

The plant on which the bees were attached did not enjoy the rough weather it suddenly found itself in. Therefor I removed the bees and I stored them for now. I'm trying to come up with a good spot to hang them, out of the reach of little paws :D With the bugs gone, our girls made up. They became best friends again and lay down on the same chair, looking adorable as always.

We had many things going on, so I asked mom to take a break and go on a High Tea with me. A while ago when I bought something at the garden center, I got a ticket for a free High Tea for one. You would get a slice of crumbly apple pie & tea. Sounds pretty good huh? The story gets even better: as I left the exit and was walking across the parking lot, a piece of paper was blown towards me by the wind. Guess what it was?

Correct, another ticket for a High Tea! Now I could take somebody with me, how cool was that. There was a date on the tickets though, you had to go in a certain week. I kept the tickets and forgot about it a bit. When I cleaned out a drawer in my room I spotted them. Since they had not expired yet, I asked my mom to go with me. You know, check it out & hopefully have a good afternoon together. She said she'd love to go and off we went to tea. Dad had to take the car back to the garage, still making weird noises (the car, NOT my dad!) so it was just the two of us.

The Garden Cafe was really busy. More people enjoying a sunny day out had stopped for a drink and a cake. Some with tickets of their own. Two tables were still available and we sat down on the wicker chairs.

I rather liked the setting, it's still at the garden center off course. There was some screening and a few plants that decorated the space. Strangely a lot of plastic plants too... Oh well, we sat under an umbrella and it was good fun chatting and relaxing. We had never been here before, I guess it's placement in the middle of the shop put us of.

The apple pie was tasty (not great, but good) & the tea was fabulous. We got a piece of nougat to go with it. Sadly this had gotten a little sticky but the flavor was nice. It wasn't grand and it didn't matter. I had a great time being with mom. We should do more of this sort of thing. Probably not the garden cafe, but go somewhere for a cup of tea I mean.

As we strolled through the garden center on our way home I spotted a bright orange fish & thought to myself: how wonderful it must feel to be swimming in the cool water. It was 30 degrees Celsius and we walked under a glass greenhouse roof...

It was a lovely day though & the stress-y little things where not present so much. When we got back at Pale Rose, I cleaned my room a little more. An orderly home leads to an orderly state of mind after all.

Now with everything tidy again, we watched Holland Bakes (a baking show) on the television. After that mom picked up her crochet book & with a cup of tea at hand, I did some reading too.

A simple and relaxed afternoon here at the cottage :) It's really warm now it's 27 & one day we had more than 32 degrees Celsius. That just doesn't agree with me. We drink lots of fluids and I hope for less heat, soon please.

How is the weather at your place? Been somewhere fun? Made any new crafts? Had a High Tea recently? What else is new? Tell me!!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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