maandag 8 juli 2013

Letters of Love & Recycling

I always believed that there is something magical about a handwritten letter. Seeing that special persons very own handwriting, holding the paper that they once held. Feeling the emotion and the energy contained in the letter. It's just so unbelievably special and meaningful, don't you agree? So if you do get that (nowadays rare) handwritten letter in the mail, you'll keep it forever! I know I do...

In the past many ladies kept their special correspondence in a box or something else. To keep the letters safe and in one place, ready for re-reading whenever they wished to feel that closeness and that loving connection.

I too have a couple of very beautiful and precious letters from family and friends that I wish to keep safe. In a craft book (Austentatious crochet) that I once got as a gift, there is a crochet pattern for a letter holder. A little envelope purse that has flowers on it and would hold those dear memories together.

Now you know I can't crochet, it's still something I wish to learn. But that pretty letter holder kept popping up in my thoughts. I just could not forget it & mentioned it again. Mom offered to make it for me! How awesome is that :D

I chose a tan colored cotton and she made it for me, added a little button so I could close it. The original pattern does not have this & it's more useful this way. I was over the moon, she really is my best friend.

Mom's arms got really sore again and she didn't wish to make the crocheted flowers to go on the top after she finished the body of this item. Not a problem, I could make some flowers myself, not crochet flowers but fabric ones. Because I don't crochet, as I just said, yet I am an "experienced" sewer. Giving mom a little break from all her hard much appreciated work, I weaved in all the ends of yarn. Then sewed on that button and started to think about flowers.

I found an old keychain in the street a while ago. I was on my way to the post office & as I was walking down the street I spotted an unidentified object on the road. My curiosity was stirred and I went a few steps out of my way to take a look at it. It was an old keychain in the shape of a miniature owl. A rather dirty looking stuffed toy lay helplessly on its back and stared up at the sky. Or at my face rather as I was bending over it.

I'm not sure what made me decided to pick him/her up, but I did. I wrapped the owl in a paper handkerchief and placed it in my pocket. When I got back from the post office I was unsure what to do with it at first.

Put it in the storage area besides our bicycle, still wrapped in paper. There he/she lay in wait for quite some time. I didn't see a post-it note with its description claiming it missing on any notice board. Just kidding :) Seeing as it was an old owl of little financial value, that was nothing unusual.

Then a good two months later, it was now the beginning of July, I was thinking about the owl again. I decided to give it a bath. She cleaned up pretty good and I could now tell for sure it was a she. Her feathers changed from grey to baby pink. What to do with her, I wondered?

She hang besides my mirror a while, see picture above. Quickly I realized that her life as a keychain was over. I do not use key chains and this one seemed fit for a younger girl. So I took her apart and gave her a better life as: a small flower. The eye would become the center of the flower and the pink pieces it's petals.

The material was miniscule to say the least, but I was determined to not have her seize to exist for nothing. I would make it work somehow. It was a little difficult, turning the petals inside out after sewing. Non of them became identical as the material would not allow that. But I succeeded and was happy with the result. I found a mint green ribbon in my old sewing supplies and made two small leaves from it. Stitched the whole thing together and smiled, it was looking good.

Then I realized I had another eye, yes for some reason owls have two eyes too ;) I also had another bit of that mint green ribbon, but all her pale pink "feathers" had been used. Except the tail, but that was too tiny to do anything with. I also had her tummy piece left, but on its own this could not become a flower. Saved it for later, you ever know...

I picked a small amount of pink silk left over from a quilt, in another shade to make petals from for flower number two. They look lovely together, if I do say so myself. See picture above. Would you believe that it was once an owl, an old ribbon and a scrap of silk?

Now that I had made these flowers I got the "brilliant" idea to sew them onto my brand new letter holder and behold:

My stunning vintage looking fabulous new item, that will be filled with magic and love for all eternity. I think it's adorable and can't stop holding it close. Already filled it with my letters and it's just a wonderful thing to have.

Oh, it's time for a cup of tea mom says. We are having mint this morning, yummy. Will leave you for now and get back here soon, to have another one of our chats.

Are you a fan of the handwritten letter like me? Like vintage looking things? Or often recycle the weirdest things? Would love to hear all about it!

Until later,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. What a very nice idea to make a letter holder and now you have made a very beautiful one to put handwritten letters in it.
    I am also a fan of those letters and I have boxes full of handwritten letters from people I love!
    Your pictures are always good looking!


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