maandag 1 juli 2013

Sewing Sweets, Cherries & Broadbeans

A bowl full of cherries for breakfast just screams summer to me. Their bright red color and sweet flavor reminds me of long sunny days. Cherries are cheerful & they are good for you as well. Even though childhood seems far away at times, a bowl of cherries brings it really close. I cannot help but search for double cherries and the temptation to wear them as earrings (like the girl in this picture ) is hard to resist :D ...

Cherries look like little jewels & also like little sweet. What girl (or boy I imagine) doesn't like sweets. I certainly love them, but try to avoid eating them. All that sugar & those colors, aren't natural. Sometimes I indulge in a sweet or so and English liquorice does not stay in the dish for long here at Pale Rose I'm afraid.

One day I was thinking about sweets and how pretty they are to look at. So I thought to myself... Why not recreate them out of crafting materials? Surely I can sew or knit up a few colorful sweeties. And that's exactly what I did this week. At every cup of tea or little break I had, I picked up a few bits and bops and crafted a couple of sweets. They are rather small and it was a fiddly thing to do.

I knitted two pink English liquorice candies. Made three knitted toffees & a whole lot of (what do you call them?) little bonbons wrapped in bright pink organza. This used to be a fancy ribbon that the sales person at the perfume shop wrapped round the bottle of perfume I had purchased there. It was so nice that I kept it for a craft project. Last I made two felt love hearts with words on them. Seeing these cuties I smiled. I am rather pleased with the adorable result of these fabric sweets. I'm thinking of sewing them to a cord or ribbon or something to make a garland.

Another treat we had this week is the first batch of fresh broadbeans. No, sadly they did not come from our garden. We do not grow vegetables at the moment, just herbs. We bought these at the local farm shop. They were really fresh and the beans inside still small and tender. Mom and Dad removed them from their peels & I quickly took this photo of them working together. We ate them with feta cheese, a green salad and boiled potatoes. It was really delicious I thought. 

It was a week full of delights here at our cottage & not just food wise. I am also delighted to be able to tell you that our Chloe is feeling much better! Her eye is no longer red & she enjoys playing with Charlotte or her felt ball, or some flowers (see picture below). All is well with her again & I'm SO happy about that.
You worry a lot if your pet is ill, we had to give Chloe eyedrops 3 times a day... She did not like them & mom and me had to hold her down and give them to her :(
It was an awful thing to have to do. Cats do not understand it's for their own good. You feel really bad about "forcing" the medicine on them. But, like I said, she's ok and the eye drops are no longer needed which is great.

Tell me about the delicious things you had to eat this week, any cherries? Been crafting yourself? What did you make... Would love to know!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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