dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Sleepover Preperations

Pale Rose Cottage is SO comfortable, that I rarely wish to go elsewhere. Even just for a night. However I now packed a bag of clothes, toiletries and what not to sleep somewhere other than my own room here at the cottage...

I decided to bake a cake before I would go. You can never arrive on a place of invitation with empty hands, my grandmother used to say. So I flipped through my recipe books and then decided, you know what I'm going to try something new.

At the Army library I borrowed a cookbook called Cooking With Flowers & I chose one of its recipes to try out. Many different flowers to bake or cook with & so many sounded delicious! It was difficult but I finally decided on a Lemon, Lavender and Brambly cake.

My Dad had harvested some of the lavender from our garden only two days before. It started to dry already and was still as fragrant as it was originally on the plant. We had everything at home, except buttermilk but Mom and Dad went to the village shop and got that for me :)

In the meantime I had already taken the brambly box out of the fridge. Measured the flour, salt and baking powder. Separated the amount of eggs and arranged everything needed on the kitchen countertop. The shop is like a 5 minute walk away from our cottage. Mom and Dad where back in no time, it's never super busy there and today with the heat many shoppers had opted out.

I started baking and enjoying myself straight away. Here is a photo of the cake in the oven. I had a cup of tea with mom while it was baking.

Below a picture of the cake after baking time. I had cake tested it a few times and had to add some minutes to the timer. Perhaps the heat affected the baking process as much as it affected me. My feet felt warm and a little bigger than normal ;) I happily sat down at the kitchen table in between tasks.

The smell of lavender filled our cottage, helped by the electric fan still twirling round and round to keep us cool. As you already know, the cake came out looking golden and delightful. I hope it tastes just as good as it looks to me!
Sliced and ready to eat, I just had to wait for it to cool down enough to wrap up and take with me. You can really see the brambles, can't you?! The lavender too, all the little dots.

So that was yesterday & now it's today. My bag was already packed & my cake is now wrapped in silver. I fueled the batteries of our camera to take a few pictures. I just need to quickly wash my hair and get dressed. My "sleepover host" is coming round to pick me up & then we shall be off. Oh, I can't wait!! :D

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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