woensdag 24 juli 2013

Summer Nature Table & Felted Bowl

Summer is definitely here, the sun is out every day. You have to fan yourself, you drink liters of homemade lemonade & even though you are wearing a sundress and sandals, it's super hot at Pale Rose. Yesterday it was 34 degrees Celsius! Time to surround yourself with cool colors and sights of relaxation, don't you agree? I pulled out some things and created a summer nature table, to help us get that holiday feeling...

Some blue, teal and green fabric got selected, as well as tan for the sand. I chose some shells and a few felted rocks in purple wool. A tiny paper wreath, our tree trunk and cardholder. I inspected our nature table box and realized that most items did not really suit the summer feel I was going for.

First I thought how odd, but then I realized that crafting in this temperature is just not done. It's too hot to be sewing! I bet that's the reason why I didn't make anything last year or the year before that too :) I might need to make a few summer things in Autumn, when the rain is pouring down and the wind is howling through the chimney.

Luckily you don't need that much to get a fun look & I still loved all the colors together so... It was ok, I draped the fabrics and dotted the shells. Added two other little things and wanted to take a look to see what needed to be done to make it more alive. Oops, what's that white thing cruising my beach?

It's our Chlöe smelling the sea :D She loves the shells and often steals a couple to play with. I let her explore and remembered why we couldn't have so many seashells on display here at our cottage. She chews on them! Many had to be taken away for safety reasons, they were simply too small and might be dangerous as a toy. Well, at least my summer scene was more lively with her in it.

Things had to change though. I removed some of the fabric and placed the little treasures closer together. Easier to see if they are still all there, the result is visible in the first picture. The girls can sit next to it and these shells are hopefully the less delicate ones.

I like my cats more than my seashells so should one go missing, so be it. Building a beach & all that "sea air" makes you thirsty. So I went into the garden to pick some mint.

I made ginger lemonade, it's one of my favorite drinks! Super easy to do: You just add mint, lemon peel + lemon juice & chopped ginger root to a liter of sparkly water. Set it in the fridge to get cold, absorb flavors & serve. Try it sometime, it's delicious.

After we had a drink and all the "summer" items not used went back into their box. I helped mom shape her nature bowl. From a big boll of white wool (see picture below) she had knitted a bowl. That was to be felted in the washing machine. When it came out of the machine the first time you could still notice the knitted stitches. So we washed it again on a higher temperature. To get the wool to felt in such a way that you would no longer be able to tell it was knitted.

It came out looking good and now it had to be shaped so that it could dry and maintain this bowl form. Mom placed two plates in it to keep the bottom flat and I rolled up the edge to get a thicker band. Then we let it dry and in this weather that didn't take too long.

The next day it was in great shape & it looks really nice. I think we will have much fun and use-value out of this nature bowl. We already have a nature bowl, also made by my mom, but it is turquoise. A great color! yet not for every season or occasion. This one is white and goes with everything really. See for yourself:

Then we didn't do much at all. Off course we cleaned the house, cooked dinner. Did laundry and everything that needed to be done. But nothing extra, just hanging out and talking. Surviving the hot temperatures ;) In my head I made many plans for crafts projects, in reality I just sketched a few ideas on a piece of paper for later use.

Charlotte and Chlöe also suffered from the hot weather & allowed mom to wash them with a cold cloth. I don't think they would have liked that at all had it not been so unbelievably warm here at the cottage. Sometimes air conditioning sounds heavenly...

Oh yea, almost forgot to tell/show you. We had strawberries after lunch one day. Dad cleaned them for us and when I pricked one on, I noticed that the strawberries had little hearts inside of them:

Definitely hearts in the center wouldn't you say?! They tasted really sweet and summer-y. I do love me some strawberries :D Or any other fruit.

So, how have you been? Made a summer nature display? Crafted any summer things during this weather? Did any knitting? Ate lots of fruits? Made ginger lemonade? Or had other plans that led to summer fun... Share with me! Would love to hear from you.

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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