vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Taste of the Sea

I remember vividly going to the beach as a child with my family. The salty breeze in your hair and the grainy sand between your toes. Looking for seashells, building castles together & the sun making the sea look shiny and silver. Like a massive mirror reaching as far as your eyes could see...

Also I remember a super funny story involving my sister. I think she will forgive me for sharing it with you. She was about 3 or maybe just 4 years old and searching for shells. Then she found a shrimp on the beach. "Look mummy, a pretty shrimp" looking bright pink (and incomplete)....

Yes, it was cooked and came from the food stand a few meters away :D How cute and funny is that! She was very young & we kids didn't really know what shrimps looked like alive at that time. The whole concept of animals becoming food had not sunk in at that stage in our lives.

Sadly, I couldn't go to the beach this year. Yet I had a moment in which I felt like I was right there. That was about lunch time, when I took my first bite of the new recipe I had made for us. I closed my eyes and could have sworn to be swimming in the ocean ;)

I even felt the breeze, though it did not come from nature but an electric fan. We have it on all the time here at Pale Rose. Without it life would not be as fun as it could be, or is. The girls also enjoy this machine and Charlotte took up residence in the basket standing underneath it.

She really enjoyed her new spot and was there for hours :) I spend a good amount of time away from it in the kitchen, cooking two new recipes with a new (to us) vegetable: Samphire.

We were at the farmshop earlier this week & they had a little sign advertising samphire. The price was reasonable and so we bought some to try at home. Non off us had ever eaten it before. Heard of it, but never tasted it. A new experience awaited.

"It's salty", the lady who assisted us said & "it will taste great in a risotto". "It comes from Zeeland & can be used with all sorts of fish as well".

She was really helpful and kind. We are not big risotto fans though & I'm a vegetarian as well. So no fish or shrimp ;D (lol) I searched the web for some ideas & cooking instructions. There I came across a recipe for creamy mushrooms with samphire & also a tomato salad with samphire.

They both sounded really good and tasty & we had enough greens to give both a go.  The creamy mushrooms recipe had feta cheese in it, and that would go great with tomatoes. So I made them for lunch, in the picture above you see the mushroom dish and below both on my plate. The samphire is the green bits in between.

I thought that both dishes where delicious and I would make them again for sure. Perhaps even with a pasta instead of a boiled potato?!

Been doing some reading. It's not as relaxing as it normally is though, is it? Sitting curled up on the sofa with tea, has been replaced by wanting to lay down on the floor with a glass of ice cold water. Not that I ever do lay on the floor but, sometimes you come up with these ideas that would make life cooler.

I am drinking my normal tea at the moment, which is one of my favorite things to do... Well it's not so much a favorite at the moment: Too hot!

Perhaps I'll indulge in a melon salad after I post this. Made an extra-large bowl. Just lettuce and parsley, a lemon dressing and cubes of melon. Refreshing and delicious at the same time. (See picture above) I'll leave it at that for now. It's too warm to be typing & I want to spend some time with our "new" best friend, the electric fan.

How is your week so far? Positively melting? Dreaming of the beach? Eating lots of ice creams maybe? .... Tell me everything :)

Until later, when I feel less warm and thirsty
Jo's Daughter

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