vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

A Hundred (and 21)

I'm not a numbers girl, math isn't my thing. I like language, I like words. Creating an image or a story with letters is fun. Letters that when placed together in such a way, combine & become something more is even better. When I was younger I often dreamed of becoming a writer or a poet. I've written many diaries and letters, poems, comments on blogs. Also loads of things on my own blog. In fact today I am writing to you again and it's a special moment. Well, it is for me anyway: this is post nr. 100 ...

Yep, one hundred posts and many of you have visited me. Some of you left comments, which I LOVE!!!!! It's great to hear from you :) Some of you "follow" me & I'm only related to one of you. Isn't that great, the others are friends!

I enjoy chatting here with you & when I see something pretty or do something fun I find myself thinking, oh I'm going to blog about that. You all share a little in my life here at Pale Rose Cottage, which is strange and wonderful at the same time.

Many days I write to you while sitting at the kitchen table. It's made out of wood and not too big as our home is small. It's a cozy spot near the window overlooking the garden. I can see our tree and the massive boll of ivy on the left. There is a little feeding area for the garden birds. Lots of green leaves and flowers too. Seeing nature so close by is great. Often better than watching the telly which shows another re-run or sports match. I don't enjoy those, but watching the wind play with the stems and an insect fly across the gingko tree is calming. A living painting, ever changing and yet the same in so many ways. I find that reassuring somehow.

The kitchen is close to the dining room, in fact they flow into one another. So the teapot is at hand, always a comforting sight. In fact I'll have a cup right now to go with my Dutch stroopwafel (syrup cookie). Wait just one second and I'll be back. Make yourself a cup too, sharing a brew is better than sipping alone!!

Ok, I'm here, cheers. Sometimes I find myself wondering about my readers. What made them visit my blog, or did they come a second time to see what's new? Where do they live? I know a little bit about that as I can see what countries viewed one of my posts.

The list is huge and so I can tell for certain that 26 different people, living in 26 different countries stopped by. Taken that non off them traveled or went on holiday and visited me again from their temporary holiday home. That would change the number... Never mind. How special is that! I've had over 4000 page views in total, much more than I'd expected when I first created my blog. I do not know that many people!

Enough about numbers or blogging or being aware of who pays attention to what I think or say. Let's get back to what I do, or did at Pale Rose this week besides wondering about you.

I had to go back to Physiotherapy this week. My head is still sore all the time, as is my neck and my shoulders. On my way to my appointment I found a feather on the pavement. Then give or take a minute later I found another one & another one. Before I knew it I had picked up 21 bird feathers!!

Wow that is a huge number, I know!....numbers again ;) I hope that all birds survived. Spotted no indication otherwise, so perhaps it was a sign or a message. A long time ago I did hear someone say that finding lots of feathers on your path, means that an angel is in your life... Which would be wonderful. Do you know if there is another significance?

I was still thinking about the feathers in the waiting room when I spotted a cooking magazine with a beautiful cake on the cover. Brown with pink on the inside and a chocolate glaze like top. I wanted to read it when I was called inside for treatment. I brought the magazine with me, intending to look at it after the appointment and maybe ask if I could take a sneaky picture of the recipe that caught my eye.

My therapist said that I could borrow it and take it back next week on my new appointment. Which was great and it got even better. He asked me if besides baking I also liked to cook, yes off course! He told me that if I reminded him after this session, I could get the old issue of this magazine out of the paper recycle bin, for keeps! Tada:

The one with the pretty cake has to go back, but the one underneath it is staying at Pale Rose. Thank you so much Mr B.! I have a lot of wonderful new reading material & might even have lots of new recipes to try out :) Not that I will be doing a lot of cooking in the next few days. Mom has some doctor appointments & I'm getting used to my new tablets for the tummy trouble I've had. My headaches and such are not over yet, so I'll be keeping it simple for now. Maybe next week, stay tuned!

We eat a lot of summer fruit these days. I have had those blueberries, cherries and lots of grapes. Strawberries and even baking plums. The fruit is one of the best things about summer I find. Many options and flavors, I played with cherries today ;) Not in a recipe but on my ears. I had 5 pairs and could not resist showing of my earrings to mom. We laughed and for a split second I felt like a kid again, suddenly childhood didn't seem that far away. Speaking of kids' stuff, blogging frequently about our lives made me realize even more that Dorothy was right. There really is: No Place Like Home... No place like Pale Rose Cottage!

Tell me about your home or about your week. Anything unusual happening? Find loads of feathers? Ate a ton of fruit? ... Would love to hear from you!!

Jo's Daughter

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