maandag 5 augustus 2013

Banana soup, Kisses & Wishes

Chocolate, is there anything more delicious? I say there is and that's a cute chocolate tin. Look what I got from mom & dad. A fabulous Hershey tin that will look great in my room, besides my bed or reading chair. With a few biscuits in it or so. "Biscuits?" I hear you say...

Yep some biscuits, did I forget to mention it? This tin no longer has any chocolate in it. I spotted it empty in the window of a secondhand shop and fell in love with the pretty lid. We went in and looked at it, perfect condition and a bargain. So I said to mom and dad, this one is coming home to Pale Rose & they paid half a euro to get it for me. I gave them lots of kisses to show how much I loved this tin ;)

No, a beautiful biscuit tin was NOT on my wish list. Sometimes you just spot a little something that catches your eye and makes you feel happy. Like this vintage style oval tin, I have not bought any biscuits yet. It just holds my wish list of things that I might want to look for, when I shall visit the secondhand shop a next time somewhere in the future.

When we got home I had some tea with mom and read a magazine. They didn't have any of the things I wrote on my list this time. Nor did they have them the time before that or before that. Hence they are still on the list I made last year.

Do you make wish lists? Most things a person wishes for cannot be purchased at any shop. Like peace, good health and equality for everyone. A few materialistic bits and bops might one day be found and so I wrote them down. To remember them easier. Do you want to know what's on my list? I bet you do.

- A book: Sundays at Tiffany's. I have read this one already, loved it. Saw the movie and now hope to find it in a good condition for a good price.  I actually have a few more book titles on my wishlist, but this one is at the top.

- Ribbon and vintage type lace. Can be any color and any length. I have a few craft ideas for which I would need those. Or old buttons! I collect them and though I have not seen them there yet, I live in hope.

- Pretty scraps of fabric. To craft with, in beautiful colors. I do not really need more fabric, still have lots of left overs. But I keep my eyes open anyway. Doesn't have to be a large piece at all, just enough to add that little extra which will make a project "pop".

- A Battenberg cake tin. Which is a cake tin with 3 long strips in it, this will make the 2 different colored strips of cake. Then you glue the cake together with jam, a yellow row next to a chocolate one & finally you wrap it in marzipan. To get the Battenberg cake as we know it.

So my list has nothing major on it & if I do not find them that's perfectly ok. I am Lucky enough to have many craft materials and a couple of books as well ;) The cake tin, well I can make a different type of cake if I want.

I did a lot of sewing this week. I say a lot, but the weather has not permitted me to sew as much as I would have liked in the first place. The electric fan works over hours and it's still warm in our Cottage.

I have altered the neckline of a dress & I made a book cover. You see, first I wrote my wish list on a scrap of paper. Which I had placed in my new tin, then I found a little notebook in my room. A gift from my sister's vacation to China many years ago. I kept it and now decided to cover it with fabric. To make it more "me" & write my wish list in it. I used some fuzzy fabric, added a bow and a label. A button, a bead and a piece of knitting. It's super simple and I really like it.

I must confess I think it's better now than before with the Chinese print on it. Anime style isn't my personal cup of tea. The pages inside are really cute though, with little drawings on them & I'm glad I will be using this holiday gift after all.

Another great gift I got in the mail this week, was a beautiful set of Jane Austen cards from J&H. A packet of 8 different prints with words and pictures Austen related on them. Super sweet & really lovely. In fact I emptied out an old picture frame immediately and put one of the cards in it. When only a day earlier I had changed the picture in it. This one was way better! See for yourself in this picture :

Doesn't it look like they are made for each other? Thank you so much for this pretty set dear friends! I love them. Not much else has been going on at Pale Rose, my sister and her boyfriend visited us. They stayed for lunch and I tried a new recipe. Pumpkin soup with Banana in it.

From Jamie Oliver's magazine (see picture above). My sister had this magazine on her dining table and she let me borrow it. Many beautiful pictures and fun ideas, this banana-soup sounded special to me. I wanted to try it & when my sister and her boyfriend came over, it seemed a good time to give this fruity soup a go.
The base of the soup I made was Jamie's recipe & I gave it my own twist. I wanted to try a soup that had 3 banana's in it, but the chili pepper and coconut did not appeal to me. So I left them out and added an onion and parsley. The rest stayed the same and I had a spoon before our guests arrived. It tasted good to me, not like banana but tasty! So we had some bread, tomatoes, cheese and pickles & I served this soup.

A success, as everyone ate their bowl & complimented me. I gave the magazine back to my sister, it wasn't her own magazine either. She had also borrowed it from someone :) Who wanted it back, no problem as I had already written the recipes I intend to try on a piece of paper. If they are as good as this soup I will write them in my recipe books as keepers. It was a lovely day we had & goood to see my sister again. Even though I had seen her recently when I spend the night at her new home.

Have you done a lot of cooking or sewing in this weather? Felt like you where melting? Or had visitors for lunch? Anything else worth sharing? I'm here, sipping cold tea and listening....

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Hi Jo's Daughter,

    We enjoy reading everything you write and show us, it is a wonderful blog.
    Very special that you want to share so much with us.
    What are you in all respects super creative: writing, cooking, taking pictures and sewing. Keep it up!

    Take good care of yourself!

    Love to you all At Pale Rose Cottage!
    J & H

  2. Thank you so much & lots of love (from all of us at Pale Rose) to you both!


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