maandag 12 augustus 2013

Company with Blueberries

I was up early today in anticipation of things to come. I made myself a cup of tea, had some breakfast. I picked out an outfit, got ready and applied a little make-up. Now I just had to wait for 10 am...

Because that would indicate that the doorbell would ring & our guest would have arrive. My friend S. and I agreed to meet today and hopefully finish the bag she is sewing. I was hoping for a good day, not that I had many bad days this week. But I experienced some discomforts and mom's been sore as well...

We needed to take our mind of things and how better to do that, then with a wonderful person coming to visit & staying for lunch and tea! I flipped through a cooking magazine and read the card again that we got from J&H in the mail, see picture above.

Then I heard the bell and S. came right on time, bearing a gift: lots of blueberries! Absolutely delicious and how beautiful they look :)

We had a drink and a cookie or two. Chatted some and I showed her a few of the things I had made since we last saw each other. She seemed to like the bees I made and I gave her a short tour of my room, where I had my crafts displayed.

You might recall my post about sewing a bee pencil topper. Well, in one of the pictures you could see that I still had some materials left to make a bigger bee. I did just that and sewed a bee egg cozy, to keep my egg warm before eating it. The fabric wasn't really cooperating (again) & so the bee is not as straight as I would have liked.

However it's still cute enough for me to keep it. I will give it a go when I next have a boiled egg for breakfast, or lunch or even dinner :)

My friend is very creative and really didn't need my help with sewing. We sat together at the kitchen table and chatted while the sewing machine rumbled away. Things went great, beside a little hick- up with the fabric. I have never really had this before but after cutting and sewing the outside fabric of the bag, it grew almost 4 cm... Very odd & inconvienient. S. had to change the shape of the bag slightly to get it to fit again. Luckily it only had to be done over the one time.

At lunch time we cleared away the sewing machine and all the craft supplies. To make room for a shared meal. My mom had been busy in the kitchen & prepared a lovely carrot salad. With raisins, parsley and a lemon dressing. We also had cucumber and tomatoes, pickles and spring onions. Cheese, vegetarian pate, raspberry jam, olives & more. I thought it was wonderful and had a bit of everything.

We drank some more tea & ate those tasty blueberries. She showed me some great pictures for inspiration, little paintings made out of beads and buttons and more. I have a lot of buttons, as I collect them. Turning them into art is an exciting idea I'll have to explore someday.

Everything sewing wise went smoothly. When it was time for her to go home, her beautiful bag was finished. It turned out great and she put it to use straight away, filling it with some DVD's I gave her to watch at home. We had been talking movies and originally planned to watch a film together. Sadly at the end of her visit, my headache came back & our plans had to be postponed. So I let her borrow a few films that interested her and we said goodbye. With the pain I forgot to take a picture of the finished shoulder bag but trust me, it looked fabulous.

We agreed to meet again next week. I will go to her house this time. Besides having lunch, we shall be "organizing" an Austen movie marathon for two. Sounds pretty good don't you think! Am already counting the days ;)

How are things at your place? Had any blueberries? Made a bag? Or did something completely different? Tell me everything!

Until later,
Jo's Daughter

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