maandag 26 augustus 2013

Cooking up a Storm

I love our kitchen, it's not pretty or fitting of our cottage in style. It's not luxurious or high tech in any way. It's small, it has no direct sunlight and there is very little room to make it cozy. Therefor I shall not add an overall picture, but like I said I love our kitchen. We spend so much quality time in there together as a family....

Then it doesn't matter so much that you cannot add plaited curtains, or a pot of basil on the windowsill, or a jar full of wooden spoons. Because the air can, and always is, filled with conversation and loads of love.

This week I spend another couple of hours in the kitchen. I say hours but in total it might be days. Who's paying attention to the clock when you are trying out new recipes and working up a storm??!

In a picnic book that I was flipping through I came across a recipe for spiced orange juice. It sounded pretty delicious and so I suggested making it for us. Dad helped me get all the juice from the oranges and I measured up the cinnamon and ginger root. We placed everything in a pan and brought it to a boil.

It almost smelled like Christmas here at the cottage & as it was raining that day a warming glass of cold spiced orange juice seemed right.

To make it you need 1 liter of orange juice, 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a piece of ginger root in slices. You bring it all to a boil, turn of the heat and let it cool and absorb flavors by keeping the lid on the pan. Take out the ginger root when cold and add 1/2 a liter of bottled water. Let it get extra cold in the fridge & enjoy.

We had it with a bowl of strawberries before lunch and it was wonderful! Then when we were refreshed I went back into the kitchen. Put on my pink apron & started on recipe number two. Cauliflower and Feta fritters, the lady who gave this recipe described it as a vegetarian delight.

Sounds promising I thought and so I had saved the necessary amount of boiled cauliflower in the fridge. It was not a difficult recipe and quickly I had a bunch of fritters in the pan. While I was still baking we cut one fritter in pieces and all had a bite to see what they tasted like. Lovely, not salty and not too much like leftover cauliflower either, which had been a bit of a worry. Normally we never eat cauliflower a second day, but it was really nice and I will keep the recipe for another time. Here's a close up of my fritters. Sadly I cannot offer you a taste, we ate them all ;)

When the dishes where done and we had spent some time together it was getting close to dinner time. I donned the polka dot apron once more for the final recipe I wished to try today: A radish soup!

When we went grocery shopping in Germany earlier this week we purchased some radishes. They always have what I would describe as a sharp taste. Eating them raw is not my favorite thing to do, but I do enjoy radish soup. We have been making it for years, from the leaves of the radishes NOT the radishes themselves. But we came across another recipe that uses both. I had copied it and we wanted to try it sometime.

At the German shops a Dutch couple was buying vegetables aswell. This couple gave me the impression that they wished to boast about their culinary skills. There is nothing wrong with that basically and I was not paying much attention. We had been going about our business and done our shopping in several stores. Yet you are 'till some degree aware of other shoppers' conversation.

A little later I heard the same couple claim that this gentleman's radish salad was outstanding & could not be beaten by anything or anyone.

Thinking to myself about our own radish recipes. Which are excellent in their own right if you ask me. At the exact same time mom asked me if we would buy some radishes and make that new radish soup. The culinary gifted couple promptly and rather loudly proclaimed never to have heard of such a thing, as radish soup!

I guess that even the most experienced chef can get a new idea for a recipe from another cook :D

Mom never meant to comment on their conversation and yet this accidental collision provoked a funny reaction. Though I did wonder when I was back at the cottage what the recipe for the radish salad that could not be beaten entailed...

So as you might suspect, for our evening meal I helped mom make that new version of radish soup. WITH the radishes themselves this time as well as their leaves. See picture above. I think it looks pretty in our brambly bowls. Good color combination.

Outside the rain was coming down and it was hailing and we had thunder. So things where not as cozy out there, as they were at Pale Rose's kitchen.

Even doing again a massive amount of dishes in the evening, could not dampen our moods. We had nothing but delicious things to eat and drink. We spend many hours together chatting & I could not remember a better day then today. Well I probably could, but I won't: it was a very nice day.

How was your day/week? Made radish soup? Going to try my orange juice recipe? Made any other dishes worth mentioning? I'm here, listening...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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