maandag 19 augustus 2013

Lost in a Marathon

Before today I was not familiar with marathons. Like most people, I knew what a marathon was. But in "all my years" on this earth I had not partaken in one. That was about to change! My friend S. called me on the phone to make sure we both knew the time of our meeting. When the clock informed me it was a quarter to 10, I grabbed my stuff and closed the front door...

I had told my mom that I would be back late, probably before dinner but I was off. I had been looking forward to today all week and had a big smile on my face when I rang S.'s doorbell and walked in. "Drink?" she asked & I gladly accepted a cup of tea. The sun was out in full ornate. Dad already told me it would be 25 degrees Celsius today, I think that was close.

She has a great tea collection and always allows me to pick a flavor. Which is a wonderful introduction to many new (to me) tea mixes. With excitement I tried the Green Chai tea (see picture above) & I loved it. Later I would sip on a Summer tea, which was a Ceylon with citrus peel, equally tasty.

We chatted and time flying when you're having fun, I suggested we would stop talking and start doing what we had set out to do! As there are only so many hours in a day & so many plans ;)

After our marathon S. would run some errands & be dressing up heels and everything. She would go out on a surprise date with her boyfriend. They are together for 7 years and that needs to be celebrated in style. So with time being of the essence I took my shoes of, hopped on the couch and got comfortable. I wanted to finish it in one go, if possible. I handed her the disc and the first step of our marathon was taken...

You guessed correct, we would not be running (in this weather) but watching. That's right, a movie marathon or a series marathon to be precise. We planned to get Lost in Austen :D I saw this series once on TV and liked it enough to get the DVD. Thinking; oh I want to see it again sometime. Get a closer look on all those beautiful costumes, interiors and food. Never happened and when S. was at Pale Rose last week, we made today's plans.

It was fun to see Elizabeth in a modern bathroom and marvel at all the things we are so accustomed to. My stomach made some discreet (I hope) sounds as a remembrance of the time. So after the second episode had finished, we made lunch. I helped to put some food on the table at the patio. There was shade and a bit of wind. Some wasps but S. had a devise to chase them away. It was quiet, cozy and just a lovely private place to sit and eat together.

Because I cannot tolerate a bunch of food anymore & have now a more restricted diet, S. purchased lots of healthy and special things for me. How amazing is that! Hummus and mixed nut paste, a spicy pear syrup and 2 different honeys. All displayed in the picture above. Cucumber, tomatoes and brown bread completed this bounty. It was wonderful and I enjoyed our meal.

Later when I got home I told my parents about it all and showed them the picture of the pear syrup. So that if they spot it in a store, they can bring home our own jar.

We saw a couple more episodes of the series in which the modern woman (a massive Austen fan) "travels" through the door in her bathroom to Longbourn and meets all the other characters from Pride and Prejudice. It's a fantasy story/comedy and I found it entertaining still. S. also liked it and we had a very nice day together.

After the ending I packed my bag, thanked my friend for a delightful lunch & walked home. I found a few feathers on my path, not as many as last time. I brought them home as cat toys for Charlotte and Chloe.

At Pale Rose I told mom all about my day & later she made us dinner. Beetroots, Tofu and Potatoes. With her homemade brambly mouse as a dessert, what a fabulous way to end a marathon :D

This last picture is the bag S. made during our sewing days at the cottage. I forgot to take a picture of it earlier. But here it is, for you to enjoy.

Are you a fan of movie marathons? Or the other type of marathons? Love spicy pear syrup? or Brambly mouse?? Tell me all about it!

See you later,
Jo's Daughter

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