donderdag 29 augustus 2013

Make You Smile

Our girls Charlotte and Chloë are mischievious and inventive. Cats are just like people in many ways & always make me smile. Sometimes I get the impression that the cats themself laugh out loud. Like Charlotte in this picture above...

They especially seem to be laughing, when one of the girls does a silly trick. I have seen the corners of their mouths turn up, so they definitely have a sense of humor! And a twinkle in their eye!

I was thinking about that saying that: if you haven't lauged for a day, you haven't lived. Not sure I would claim to support this fully, but it doesn't hurt to smile a little. So I put together these pictures that will (hopefully) make your day one of the happy kinds.

Here's a picture of Chloë doing a handstand. I did not alter this picture in any way, cross my heart. This is all her! She jumped in the bathroom even though she knows she should not be in there. I captured her on camera. The girls are still very young and get up to all sorts of things.

Charlotte likes to crawl into paper bags that are way too small for her body. Then she forgets she's on a table and almost falls to the floor. Don't worry, no cats where harmed while I was taking their pictures ;)

Chloë helps me do laundry in the next photo. I needed the laundry basket with clean clothes to be empty for the new load of washed clothes. I turned my back to the pile of clothes now temporarily on the sofa for just a minute...

She had walked through the leg of a pair of sport pants & was wearing it herself. Please excuse the "mess" I just wanted to share this moment with you, where Chloë is playing dress up.

Another one I love is the girls joining me in a craft project. They like the Singer & while one of them is on top of things, the other one pulled up a chair. These ladies will not miss a moment of creativity and fun.

I too have a lot of fun with C&C in my life. They can make a mess of things or interupt with a household task or a craft project, I don't mind it one bit! It's hard to imagine what life was like without them.

One more picture for luck, look at that arm hanging out of the "car window". Can you picture her on the passenger side, enjoying the sunshine?!

Hope you enjoyed these joyful moments here at Pale Rose Cottage. I know we have. Charlotte and Chloë are really cute & have such endearing personalities. What's not to love about that I say :D

Do you have a cat? Like animals or smile at the funny things they do? Tell me everything...

Best wishes to you,
Jo's Daughter

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