vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Saturday Sister Time

My sister came over for a visit last Saturday. After she got back from her vacation I had seen her briefly when she came for a cup of tea on the way. I had a quick show of her holiday snaps, but a few hours in the evening was not enough time for us to catch up. I was hoping to reconnect and so I asked her to come again soon. She did so on Saturday...

We already discussed food and what we would make for lunch over the phone. After a mobile brainstorming session and cookbook dissection, we settled on our family favorite: Autumn Salad. With fake Chicken & some boiled potatoes.

Everyone was excited about that choice of menu. Mom and me walked to the farm shop in our village and bought the ingredients we would need. Across the road from the farm shop is one of their fields & at this time of year it's full of sunflowers. I had to take a photograph of it didn't I? So you could have a little look. This is only a small portion of the field and it seems to go for miles :) We purchased some as well.

This is what we made for lunch when my sister came. Looks wonderful don't you think?! My sister told me some great and funny stories of her holiday. About meeting a man with a pet hedgehog. He walked the hedgehog just as you would a dog. She told me about the food she had and trying new crisps.

She told me what she learned about port & chatted about being at the beach where the sun was shining. She got really burned and her ankles where still an angry red. Despite using the tried and tested method of applying raw egg white to the burns... My sister had send us a card (see picture above) and we got a pretty postcard from our friends J & H too! The blue one with the unusual shape is theirs.

It was wonderful to hear so much about her trip & she even surprised me with a pretty seashell for my collection. It's a small almost oval shell, with a pointy top and some ribbing. I will have to search the web to see what type this is. Do not know the name at heart, or in English ;)

We ate lots of grapes, not just as fruit. But also in our Autumn salad. That's a combination of lettuce and onion, apple and grapes. Toasted walnuts and a mustard dressing. Really simple and delicious I think.

After we ate together and had still not finished talking we went shopping together. Just to the one store, I'm not big on shopping. It's a bit different when you do it with someone special so I did enjoy it, mostly because we had another chance to talk. She bought a skirt and I tried on a few things that didn't fit right to my mind so. Nothing for me this time. I'm not really a fashion girl anyway. Don't know what's trendy and don't really care if something is not :) As long as I like it and it fits me well.

There's never enough hours in a day when you want it to last indefinitely & she left too soon to my opinion. My sister recently moved house and would be organizing a house warming for her friends. Lots of things to arrange, I'm interested to hear how it went and if they liked her new home.

Then the three of us (mom, dad and myself) watched a detective on TV. It was an episode of Lewis, The Soul of Genius. We had seen it before but watched it again. We had forgotten who the killer was and you could see pretty images of the botanical gardens and river. It made me think of another murder series that we enjoyed some time ago: Rosemary and Thyme... Shame they did not make some more episodes of it.

We are all fans of the "milder" murder series here at Pale Rose. In which detective work (and scenery) is at the front of the film and the violence is not as overwhelmingly present. Sadly there is enough of that already in real life, I don't think we need to see more of it on the screen. But gorgeous gardens, buildings and flowers are always much appreciated. So I shall add a beautiful pale pink hydrangea to end with today.

How was your Saturday? Watched a detective series? Made a nice meal? Went shopping? Or did something totally different? Please share!

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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