vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Snapshots of a Sleepover

Haven't told you much about my sleepover beforehand at all, have I?! Must confess I did that on purpose. Yes I spilled all about the Brambly cake I made. Not so much where and with whom I was invited. There was no BIG secret & it is unlikely that you will be surprised to hear all. I just wanted to keep it to myself, for a little longer. Today I'll share it all with you & add a bunch of snapshots as well...

I was invited to my sister's house. Since she moved I had not been there for a night & she asked me to come. Off course I did not have to think twice before I said: YES! when?!

My sister came to pick me up in her car. I had the lavender and brambly cake wrapped up in tinfoil and carefully placed it in a plastic bag to keep it from changing its shape. Got in the front seat & waved to those staying behind at Pale Rose. We chatted in the car so much that we took a wrong turn and had to drive back :D Oops!

Despite this unexpected (scenic) little detour we arrived at her home not too much later then she originally planned. When I greeted her Guinea pig, dropped my bag and took of my shoes it was already tea time. I spotted her new Hydrangea which looked beautiful & took a picture of it, see photo above.

It had been a while for us girls to be alone together. Mostly we are together as a family & though those times are the greatest, it's different being just the two of us. We would be making a pizza for dinner and went to the shop in search of goodies to go on it. There were a lot of vegetables to choose from. We also bought some baking things, if you keep reading you'll find out what for :)

At the checkout we both got a free little recipe book for cooking with beans. Which was a lovelything. Then we drove back to my sister's place & started to make our pizza. I had not eaten a pizza for a long time and I was looking forward to it. We added tomato paste and mozzarella, mushrooms, bell pepper & spinach leaves.

When it was in the oven and the timer set, we talked about all the things that happened since we last spoke. Which was a lot and she had many tales to share. So the oven bell ringing came as a surprise. The pizza was delicious and catching up was great. You don't quiet realize how much you miss each other, until you meet again. I realized that a lifetime seemed to have passed in only two short weeks.

I made a wish: That time would pass at such a slow pace that every minute would seem to last, at least twice as long. It didn't off course, time always flies when you are having a good time. Before I knew it night had fallen & we hopped on the couch to watch a movie together. It was a comedy and not the worsted I have seen. But I didn't laugh as much as I had when my sister told me about her trip to the zoo & what happened at work or on the train...

Then we called it a night. My sister's eyes started to close already & she confessed to having worked extra hours to get the free time to spend with me. I would only be at her home for the one night & our parents would come the next day. The three of us would all go home again. Sleeping seemed like a waste of precious time...

After a couple of hours of sleep in a very very warm night, I got up early and prepared the vegetables for lunch. We would be having breakfast first, naturally. But I peeled all the potatoes and cauliflower already. Just so that we would have more sister-time. When my sister woke up, not too much later, we had a sandwich and a cup of tea.

Then we sat outside in the sunshine and read a little in our books. I kept thinking about all the things I still wanted to tell her. So after three pages I closed the novel and gave up. Books are great friends, but sisters are (in my case certainly) much better company.
Then just before lunch Mom & Dad arrived and with us all complete again, we cooked a hot meal.

With a delightful lunch consumed and the sun out and shining bright, us girls went shopping. We know a little shop that has lots of fun things for a good price & decided to check things out. While Dad would change a light fixture, hang a painting and change a piece of wire. He isn't much of a shopper and preferred to do a little DIY stuff.

We bought some purple wool for mom & a magazine for my sister. I didn't get anything myself. Back at her house all the chores where done. Time for tea & cake, or strawberries. Perhaps all combined?!

I helped my sister bake strawberry cupcakes, which where ordinary cupcakes that you fill and top with strawberry quark & a real strawberry. They looked really pretty, despite their odd shape.

You see the cupcake baking tray does not fit in this "new" oven. My sister's kitchen came with a fitted oven and it does not hold most baking forms. Including the cupcake tin. It's not that small of an oven yet somehow nothing seems to fit.

We placed several layered paper cups on a round plate & baked the cupcakes like this. Taste wise a success but even three layers of paper cups did not contain their intended round shape. Oh well, these asymmetrical and charming cakes were delightful anyway. Who says a cupcake needs to be a perfect circle?! I say that a triangle, square or halve moon shape is just as cute! What do you say looking at this result?

Sadly time did not last twice as long. It never does, but one can hope. After dinner I packed my bag & we said our goodbyes. With nightfall my sleepover had ended and we drove back to the cottage. Wonderful to see Charlotte and Chlöe again. I didn't feel like sleeping & found myself daydreaming instead. About a wonderful time I had with my sister and later with mom + dad. I did sleep eventually and later dreamed some more of food, fun and family.

What have you been dreaming about? Done any baking? Had a sleepover? Enjoyed the sun? Tell me everything!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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