donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Sunflowers, Sophie & Bees

Sunflower fans unite at our cottage. Did I ever tell you that earlier this year, my mom planted some sunflower seeds? I think I did. With all the warm and sunny weather we have been blessed with, they grew and bigger and bigger and then they flowered...

Pretty spectacular don't you think, just like a little sun. Our friend J. told us that sunflowers not only follow the sun but have many symbolic meanings. Like healing & longevity. I didn't know that and it's lovely that I know it now.

We all love sunflowers here at Pale Rose Cottage. So much in fact that mom made some felt sunflowers this week. From yellow wool felt + brown wool yarn she made three small but beautiful sunflowers that look really cheerful (and life like) in our nature bowl alongside the sea shells, stones and feathers.

All that bright and cheery yellowness inspired me to sew with yellow fabric as well. I might have mentioned that I like bees, not the real ones so much. Because they have the unfortunate desire to sting me & once was enough. Their image does appeal to me and so does their honey... But that's another story.

I wanted to tell you about my new sewing project that I completed this week. In the next picture I placed the materials I had together and you can get an idea already of what's in store:

I made a bee pencil topper. You know, a fabric bee that you place on the end of a drawing pencil. Just for fun really, it has no real function.  I do not often use a drawing pencil anymore, maybe when I make a sewing pattern, but drawing not so much.

It was a fiddly job as I wanted to make sure that no frayed edges would show. But I persisted and succeeded, I think. The wings are not perfect for a bee and I can spot a few things. I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist at times. Not everything you come up with in your creative mind will work out in reality.

Still I like it and it's definitely summery and fun to look at on the coffee table. I want to make another bigger bee from the other left over craft materials. But not today or even tomorrow.

As the title of this post already says, Sophie is in our lives. She came to Pale Rose and has been here for a few days now. She likes to talk, mostly when you open the fridge. Just letting you know she's here and might like a snack or two. It's not very polite to frequently ask for food when you're a guest somewhere, but Sophie is excused. She's young and well...  She's a Guinea pig, their manners and social rules are likely to be different.

Our girls Charlotte and Chloë enjoy her company & often sit with her. Or on top of her! Not literally off course, I mean that they sit on her cage and try to touch her through the bars. I do keep an eye on things and make sure no accidents occur! Charlotte wants to play with Sophie and runs round her cage, looking back to see if Sophie is following her...

Great fun to see them all together, Sophie is not afraid of cats at all. I spotted her climbing up against the bars towards Charlotte. Sadly I didn't have my camera at hand but it was cute to see it the other way round :)

I'll add one more sunflower picture, this one is taken a while back before it opened. We now have three sunflowers at their best in the garden & more buds that will hopefully become flowers on their stems.

How are things at your place? Any flowers? Craft projects or (animal-) guests? What's happening? Tell me everything!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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