zaterdag 7 september 2013

Catching Butterflies & Seeking Dragons

There's been a couple of hot days here in the South of Holland. In fact on the one day we noticed/ experienced more than 30 degrees Celsius!

As we were driving back to Pale Rose from the village farm shop we positively melted. So immediately all of us had a glass of cold water to feel like ourselves again ;) With this much sunshine we could not remain indoors however. I spend some time in our beautiful back garden, catching Butterflies....

On camera, I took it with me and chased them from flower to flower. Hoping to make some stunning shots & also identify the different species. I'm not catching the actual insects, as I do not see the point and don't wish to cause them harm. They are pretty delicate looking & besides stalking them for a while, I leave them be.

There's been a colorful variety of butterflies visiting our cottage garden. Yellow, white, brown, blue or patterned. All beautiful in their own unique way. They fly really fast and twirl in unexpected ways. Therefor I could not take each single butterfly's picture.

Also I do not know all the English names for the butterflies I spotted. But I can name the Common Brimstone, Small Heath & Cabbage White for certain. Perhaps looking at all my pictures you can tell me if I'm right or what the other one is called.

Despite all the Sunshine I could tell that Autumn is round the corner. Flowers are slightly wilting, leaves changing color and even the air smells different already :)
September has definitely arrived & we are looking forward to a particular day, Michaelmas!!

It's still a few weeks away but we are already talking about how we are going to celebrate/decorate & enjoy St. Michaels day. We don't really make a big deal of it, but I would like to bake my sword bread. It's tradition here at Pale Rose to bake it on September 29. I did so too last year and posted a picture on this blog.

What we REALLY want to do this year, is make a dragon :D We have no figures of St. Michael or the Dragon to place on our nature table yet & would LOVE TO have some! But where do you find a great pattern or idea?...

The internet is often helpful and this time as well. Mom found a couple of pictures of dragons made from the pattern featured in the Living Crafts magazine, Fall 2011. They looked amazing & are just the thing mom and me are looking for!

It's a gorgeous dragon, great neck and cute wings. I searched many hours for the pattern, alas I found none. Yes you can buy a back issue but the price is a bit steep for me. Because I live in Holland instead of the US, I have to pay more than double for the same magazine & I only want the pattern for the Dragon :(

I suppose some dreams remain just that, dreams. You don't happen to own a copy do you? Have the magazine lying around & willing to help??? Too much to ask for maybe. Perhaps I can manage to create my own pattern and try it out before St. Michaels day is here. *Wishing for a touch of creativity*

Speaking of creativity, I indulged in some with an old cushion. See picture, ignore the pink shirt & spot the pretty roses underneath.

This vintage floral cushion was in the family for quite some time. It faded from all those sitting down on it + years of sunlight coming through the cottage windows. It's life was coming to an end & though I spotted a small hole, I was still reluctant to let it go. Most of the fabric was still fine and I loved the vintage style flowers and many happy memories attached, figuratively speaking of course ;)

I ripped it apart, thoroughly washed the fabric, got rid of the yellow foam bits disintegrating before my eyes. Dried it in the sun and decided that it's future should involve fun and celebration. I cut a bunch of triangles, stitched them together and between a brown bias band strip. I salvaged that from two London souvenir potholders, also seen better days. Waste not want not, they say :D

Combined they came together in a very charming way. Hopefully they have a long and joyful new excistence to look forward to, here at Pale Rose. This is a quick shot of our vintage bunting line, who's holding a garden tea party?!

So how was your week? Had fun? Good weather? Spotted beautiful butterflies? Made some bunting? Searched for Dragons? Love to hear from you!

Take care,
Jo's Daughter

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