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Challah & Covering up

My mom has always found it important to make food from scratch. I can remember her making fantastic stuff from as early an age as four, or maybe five years old. Like her birthday cakes, her Three kings bread and her massive piles of pancakes. As a child I found the celebration food she prepared the best & I guess I remember that the most as it was special to me. But she cooked great meals everyday and often baked fantastic breads aswell...

She learned how to cook and bake from her mother, who had learned it from her mother. So I suspect that was an ongoing line.

I too learned cooking from my mom, aswell as from my grandma. We always did things just the three of us. My sister is also a good cook, but growing up she did not like cooking so much. (Baking was another story) That came later in her life & we now cook together sometime, which is really nice :D

One of my all time favorite things to make/bake is mom's Challah bread. A Jewish bread, braided and covered in poppyseeds. Absolutely delish! It takes a long time to make but is soooo worth it. Light and fluffy on the inside, buttery tasting in the mouth. You do not need to put anything on it as this bread tastes best on its own, or so I find.

When mom anounced that she would pop round the shops and get some yeast my heart started beating a little faster. I knew she would be baking some bread, but which one... Can you guess already? Her Challah! At this amazing news my heart grew tiny wings and I felt like I was flying. No but seriously, that made me so happy :D

Challah is not only a fantastic bread, it has so many memories & it's a comfort food to me. A little taste of my childhood almost. We are not Jewish but my mom does like to cook Jewish food. Mom's Challah always looks stunning.
While she was away I picked up my sewing. I am trying to make a fabric book cover. I think the best way to describe it is that it's almost like a laptop sleeve type of thing, you know just for protection and it looks fun too. I made one for my wishlist book but it's not turned out that great.

My mom made a few of these covers in the past & told me how my grandmother also made them with room for adjustment. The covers my grandma made would fit on different books & you would get great use-value from it. Luckily I do not really need this practicality. I have enough fabric to choose from & will make one for a specific novel.

When mom got back from the shops she put on her apron and started baking. I did not help with the actual baking but stayed close to the kitchen. We talked, laughed and "worked" together which was fun. The smells from the oven and the warmth of our friendship could almost be seen floating in the air here at Pale Rose, or so I imagined.

You've already seen the first picture from this post, it's the Challah breads that came out of the oven. I guess putting it up there ruined the surprise of finding out what mom baked. Oh well, I'll just leave it as it is. A stunning first shot ;)

Here's another picture of the sliced Challah at our dinner table. The striped table cloth comes from a "Danish shop" in Groningen. My sister goes there sometimes when she visits Groningen & this is one of theirs, I like it a lot.

When they had cooled enough we ate the Challah for lunch, well dinner really. We had our warm meal in the afternoon, so we could eat the Challah in the evening as a lunch... Does that still make sense? Anyway, it was as wonderful as I remembered. Possibly better as I was eating this one right now.

I also got the sewing done. The fabric I used is a floral, origionally it was a little chair cushion. Now, I know I said I had enough fabric to choose from. And that is certainly true, lucky me. However I really loved the vitagy-floral from the cushion. Not just because of the memories attached but the flowers are pretty. The cushion had not been used for some time therefor I popped it in the washing machine. Later I ripped the then dry cushion apart & cut the material to fit a hardcover book I bought in the library.

They sometimes sell books from their collection for a small price. People will not read them anymore or they are let go for a different reason. The Quiltclub by Jennifer Chiaverini is a fun read and a keeper in my book. So when it was on sale for 1 euro, I took it home with me.

The point I wish to make is that the cover has a large & can I be brutally honest: ugly barcode sticker on it. Aswell as other symbols and letters... Useful for finding a book on a library shelf. Rather unattractive in your own bookcase or on top of your bedside table.

It's the inside that counts, but the outside of this particular book left much to be desired. A luxury thing to do is make a fabric cover, which I did. I decided to add a small embellishment, in the form of a hand stitched label. To make it cuter, see for yourself.

Isn't it fun and vintage like? It turned out ok don't you think? Better then the old cushion and much nicer in the bookcase. I might make a few more, just for fun. Still have nice fabrics & a lot of hardcovers in the bookcase that can be used.

Do you bake or like to eat Challah? Ever made a book cover from fabric? Re-use vintage fabric? Or had anything else fun occuring this week? Come on, you know you want to tell me all about it...

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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