maandag 2 september 2013

Flowers and Fritter Fun

Tea is not just a drink, tea is a moment. Sitting down and relaxing, looking forward to that enjoyable first sip. Followed by so many other sips of deliciousness. It's a moment, our moment to catch up and share. To just be, mom and me...

We have such moments every day and though it's "common" at Pale Rose, it's at the same time always special to me. Today our first pot of tea together was even more unique. We made it with a Chinese teabulb that actually found its way directly to our home after a vacation in China. We personally have never been to China but smelling that delicious tea, for a second or so you can imagine yourself being there.

It's a small boll of tea that when placed inside a clear glass teapot can be watched. It will develop into a beautiful flower. This teabulb produced even two flowers! Two for our tea at our cottage ;)

After our break I decided to try a new recipe, courgette fritters. I had copied this recipe from a nice blog which name I have forgotten. Which is a shame as I cannot visit it again for other recipes... Luckily I have this fritter recipe and was eager to give it a go for dinner.

This is a picture of all the ingredients that went into the (Zucchini) fritter batter. You grate the courgettes and an onion. Mix it with self raising flour and breadcrumbs. Add salt, pepper and mint. Mix a beaten egg into it...

I made that two eggs as it was not sticking together yet. Then you spoon heaps of the mixture into a hot pan with a little bit of hot oil & bake on both sides. A golden color is desired. See next picture for result:

We ate the fritters with green beans and a vegetarian schnitzel. Instead of potatoes or rice or pasta. I enjoyed them and wrote the recipe in my keepers recipe book. As well as shared it with my sister.

Then I copied out two recipes of pumpkin soup, our favorites. When I was at physiotherapy last week, my therapist told me about making pumpkin soup with garlic. She liked the sound of our fruity pumpkin soups with apple and orange in them & I promised to give her our recipes. 

I will hopefully remember to give them to her today, as I have another appointment scheduled. I will keep this post short therefor. Was already a bit late this morning, went into our garden and collected some flowers for drying. I have a new project planned that involves dried flower petals. Will not give too much away just yet, come back later and (hopefully) see.

One of the blooms did not make it into the flower press. Chloƫ loved it and I gave it to her. Look at that happy face when I handed her this floral prey:

So, are you familiar with those tea flowers? Ever made courgette fritters? Share your favorite recipes with others? Dry flowers to make things with? Tell me everything, I have to run now but will chat with you about all later...

Jo's Daughter

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