dinsdag 17 september 2013

Garden Harvest & Homemade Butter

We've had rain and we have had shine, all those combined created, what I suspect to be, the perfect growing conditions for all things green. Weeds proved their desire to grow in Pale Roses garden, but thankfully so did many more plants and some vegetables too...

Dad spend some time in the garden, replanting a small tree. When mom & me went to have a look, we noticed that the radishes we have been growing had popped their pale heads above ground :) A wonderful sight we had been looking forward to ever since mom brought home that packet of seeds.

It was a sure sign that they were anxious to be harvested. Or maybe we were just excited to have a taste & interpreted it as such ;) While mom pulled up the radishes, they looked good enough to eat & I clipped a few herbs. We entered the cottage kitchen again with a bowl full of homegrown delights. (See picture above)

Because of the rain, that I mentioned before, it all had some soil attached. But a quick wash sorted that out and just look at this gorgeous display on the kitchen countertop. (The pot says: Garden Herbs) Doesn't it make you hungry? It sure made my stomach growl & I made a bundle of the white icicle shaped radishes to give to my sister. For when she would come to visit us. I stored our own radishes and kept mom company. While she made some absolutely delicious herbal butter for lunch.

We had it alongside a tomato and avocado salad & some Earl Grey tea. One of my favorites. Doesn't food taste a thousand times better when you have sewed it/planted it, pampered it and watched it grow?! I think it does :D Mom's fab herbal butter tasted great & we gave the radishes to my sister, when she came later that evening to catch up. We had a lovely day here at Pale Rose Cottage & mom "promised" me that we would look for those radish seeds in the shop. So that we can grow some more next year, I would really like that!

Do you like herbal butter? Make it yourself? A secret recipe maybe? Grow radishes? Or other veg? Tell me all about it! Would love to know :)

See you soon here at Pale Rose,
Jo's Daughter

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