vrijdag 13 september 2013

Demeter & Joy

Whenever a season changes or the weather turns. When flowers bloom or are replaced by falling leaves. We cannot help ourselves and feel the itch to recreate nature on our nature table. The garden of our cottage is lovely, but sitting at the dining table or on the sofa, the windows only display a few trees. They are gorgeous and invite you to look outside, still. Having a miniature landscape with dolls and animals adds to the coziness that is our home...

We all love our nature display here at Pale Rose, always have. I remember bringing things home from our walks as a child. My mom proudly displaying our artwork on it. Lots of flowers and plants. Fabrics and a colorful collection of foraged treasures. It was stunning I recall. What I liked the most was the dolls that she made for us. I got to help pick colors and was given input in the chosen hair style or type of plants to be represented. It was super fun!

Having a nature table is a big part of celebrating the seasons, nature and life. So you can imagine that the current state of our nature table (shown above) was putting us (me) down. Mom mentioned to me that she has always loved fields of grain. She said: "Grain being such a huge part of our daily diet/life should be represented on the nature table?! Don't you think"

I did think!! Why on earth did we not have a grain doll? How come I never thought of this before today... Why could we not find any mention of it in the (Waldorf) books we have? How come nobody on the internet, that we are aware of, has this doll. That is made out of wool and fabric, to picture those golden fields that wave in the wind.

That make a rustling noise, that invite you to run through them. That dance the day away in the warmth of the Autumn sun. Well everyone: WE here at Pale Rose cottage, now have a grain doll!

Yes a brand new harvest goddess, handmade (and designed) by my very talented mom. Allow me to introduce Demeter, isn't she divine?!

Ok so this is not a finished doll, mom has been in a lot of pain and cannot sew for long periods at a time. So it took a while and was done in stages. But I think this picture is lovely and are so glad my mom had this idea. She looks amazing at our nature table & will only get better. Already it's a thousand times better than the pretty card in a wooden picture frame.

Here's another picture of her from the side. Her dress is made out of silk, she has a braid to mimic the grain. A wreath around her golden hair & blue eyes for cornflowers, red lips for poppies...

Let me tell you about something else that happened this week. I was fortunate enough to get a BIG brow box delivered at the cottage, all the way from America. You see, I get Maggie's newsletter and she holds these contests. Yes, you guessed it I entered and won a box full of goodies. How amazing is that!

Time seemed to pass slowly after learning I won (just me being impatient). So I emailed her one morning to ask if she already had a chance to go to the post office. Maggie told me she send it a week earlier & only hours later the doorbell rang.

It wasn't the little brown box I had been expecting but a BIG brown box & heavy too! Big enough in fact for Charlotte to hop into & take a good bite from. She tried to eat the cardboard, therefor I had to take this new toy away.

Inside this surprise package I found 5 brand new books! Some bookmarks, cards, a coaster, tea bag and pen. A lollypop, magnets and a sticker... WOW the list went on and on. I was shocked to see the price of shipping it across the ocean & felt touched by Maggie's enormous generosity towards me. Thank you so much!!!

First I was silent, then I whooped with joy & danced around the dining room table. Looking rather ridiculous I'm sure, but who cares ;) It felt almost better then Christmas morning.

Here's an overall view of all the wonderful presents she send me. I started this morning by settling down, having a cuppa & picking up a book called: Too Good to Be True. This seemed fitting somehow.

Then mom asked me to help her take some more pictures of Demeter, she is now complete. With hands that hold the grain, a more elaborate head dress and I think she's super cute. Don't you just love her??!!

Hopefully our cats will leave her alone. I think they will, no mice has been spotted hiding in her field as of yet... so it should be ok. Oh, I almost forgot!

The pretty Amaryllis bulb (first picture, next to the edible pumpkin) was a gift, from my sister to my mom. It's going to have red flowers and has a great sentimental value to us. I'll talk to you about that later. Here's a shot of the cardboard box that Charlie loved, missing several of these tiny chunks. Hope I managed to remove all bits from her mouth & it doesn't make her tummy ill.

Do you have a doll to represent the golden fields? Or a cat that likes to try new things with great enthusiasm? Got a fabulous gift box in the mail that will entertain you for days on end? Read a great novel lately? Or had something else occur that made you dance your heart out? Tell me all about it...

Hope to see you soon here at Pale Rose,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Magnificent is Demeter and now we send a big compliment to your mother.
    It is a beautiful scene on the season table.

    You are very lucky winning such a great price, congratulations!

    Have a nice weekend, you all!


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