vrijdag 20 september 2013

Cats in Bath

Pale Rose Cottage is blessed with two cats. Charlotte and Chloë bring so much joy to our lives. I read somewhere the saying that: Cats leave Footprints on your heart. That's definitely true for me, but they leave something else too...

A little bit of hair... Now let me reassure you that our home is shiny and clean. We hoover, dust, and groom their coats all the time. Pale Rose practically sparkles. After holding one of the girls you may find the odd hair, that's perfectly normal. The price you pay for sharing your home with feline friends.

Grooming helps a lot & then you throw away a lot of hair that otherwise might escape in a cuddle. But why throw something out that can be put to good and creative use?! Kaori must have thought the same as she wrote this fun and quirky craft book. That we borrowed from the library, see picture.

We have been saving C&C's hair in a box ever since we read this book. Many grooming sessions (and a few weeks later) it was almost filled to the brim. Yesterday mom and me decided to do something "silly" and felt with it. The book had to be returned soon, we could not keep it much longer so it was time to start felting.

There are many projects to choose from but we made finger puppets. Mom would make one from Charlotte's coat and I would make one from Chloë's fur. We had kept them separate and I like the idea of having a little bit of each cat.

The felting is not too difficult to do and it made us laugh. Which is always nice. At the beginning we had more hair sticking on our hands then on the cardboard mold. Luckily it came together and really did start to look like soaking wet miniature cats :) The girls seemed fascinated by the creations emerging from their donation. I asked them if they found that the little cats looked like them.

They both stared at me, tilted their head to one side and it remained surprisingly silent. I drew my own conclusions from that. Chloë is very recognizable I think, her snowy white coat looks just as soft as she. Charlotte looks less similar, as the different colors from her vibrant Callico coat became a solid grey. Her willowy shape however is very strikingly Charlie & so is her softness.

I gave the little cats a good bath to get rid of all the soap. They are rather sweet, just like the big ones currently sleeping in the almost Autumn sun. It's streaming through the cottage windows. Some might say, felting with cat hair?? and then feel weird about it. But really, why is it any different from felting with sheeps wool. Because you do not know the sheep it came from? I think it adds feeling to the finished product, knowing and loving the cat(s) so much.

Now I only had to read the instructions on how to add the finishing touches. Find a nice background & take a picture of the final result to show you. I settled on purple as it's such a great color. Coincidently it's also blue and red combined, the girls favorite colors. Chloë is drawn to blue & Charlotte can spot something red from a mile away ;)

I did not make any eyes as I preferred this dreamy image. I did not want to deal with getting or not getting the facial expression like I wanted. Often it can be tricky and if it does not work, it might give a weird and unwanted impression. That of plastic surgery gone wrong... I wanted to avoid that & this way everyone can imagine their mood and personality. That just felt right to me (and mom too).

C&C are still sleeping now, side by side on our blue and purple quilt. The sun is gone but their naptime is far from over. These sleeping beauties need their rest. Thus I have not shown them the miniature cats now that they are complete, yet. (Picture above)

How will they react to it I wonder, the girls might wish to play with them. If I was a good 15 years younger, I know I would wish to play with these finger puppets :D

Over a cup of flowery Java tea, with a letter biscuit, mom and I talked about collecting more cat hair. We might make a whole family of cats to sit on the shelf. That would be cute I think!! Maybe we could make different body shapes. Or combine the hair and create a spotted cat or a striped cat. Perhaps even a bigger cat...

Do you like the finger puppets? Ever did any felting with your own cat's hair? Only felting sheep wool for you? Made any crafty things yourself lately? Please share!

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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