dinsdag 10 september 2013

Making a Floral Mess

Flowers are gorgeous, don't you think?! They come in every color of the Rainbow, in every shape or form & at any time of the year it seems. The ones in our cottage garden got good looks and they usually scent wonderfully. What a shame that they wilt so quickly and disappear long before I'm ready to let them out of my sight. Before I tire of looking at them...

Perhaps you recall me telling you that I've been drying flower petals from the garden. Or that I was collecting them for a project. Maybe all of this is news to you. Shall I just start at the beginning, probably easier that way.

I borrowed a crafts book at the Army library. It had hundreds of pages and weight a ton. But dragging it home was a great idea, as one of the projects in this book had caught my eye & sparked an interest. It involves flowers :)

You need a bag of old pieces of paper, think newspaper, paper kitchen towels, envelopes and printed paper no longer needed. You need an electric mixer and a bowl of water. A dish of dried flower petals and some sort of construction made of wooden bits, stuck together like a picture frame. But no glass, just netting used to keep insects out of the house.

I have no idea what it's all called in English, but look at the picture above and hopefully understand what I'm talking about ;) Any ideas yet? Perhaps this next picture makes it clearer.

No, ok I'll just tell you then... I planned to make paper. Yes, it sounds a little bit strange to turn one type of paper into another, but hear me out. I want to make my own handmade paper. Because it's nicer and prettier with loads of plant bits in it. You need all that rubbish paper from the recycling bin & with time, some strength and determination turn it into art.

You create something soft and magical looking. A type of paper that makes you dream and feel things & inspires you to write poetry on it. Or just a beautiful piece paper to stick on a card and send to a friend or other special person.

The instructions in the book where clear, but continued forever. I read it all and read it again, still I did not grasp the process in such a way that I felt comfortable to get my hands dirty.

So I went online & hoped someone could tell me about it in simple terms. A lady showed me in a 10 minute little film how she made her own paper. The camera man or camera woman, had an unsteady hand. However the whole thing became crystal clear to me. Combining the book and the home movie, I manage to get started and make paper for the first time... as well as something else not entirely planned or desired.

*The picture of our kitchen's state, just after I made paper, shall not be posted at this spot. Or at any time/place later. It's just too awful! You will have to rely on your imagination, sorry*

The massive amount of water involved ended up on the floor, bits of paper stuck to the wall. To my clothes and even the tip of Charlotte's nose, as she came to have a look for herself what I was up to. I was making: a terrible MESS!!!!

Everything was soaking, my socks and the ironing board too. Yes, the lady from the movie ironed the paper to get it dry. She forgot to tell me that I would have to cover the iron board in plastic first & then iron the wet paper on it.... Oh well, craft and learn.

Despite the fact that the kitchen now looked like 30 kids had eaten too much sugar & had gone crazy in it. The paper itself looked great, if I may say so myself. Why don't you tell me what YOU think about it? Here it is, still not dry but getting there.

My first attempt with lots and lots of petals in it, on it and some falling of it...
I probably need to perfect my recipe, or practice some more. I still have enough newspapers, thanks to the lady who works at the library. When my mom told A. about me wanting to make my own paper and needing old newspapers, she gave me a bag of them to take home and experiment with. I put half of them to good use already and with the cards made a day later, looking rather cute. I shall definitely making some more paper, hopefully less of a mess. Thank you A. for your helping hand!

Tada, the cards I made from the floral paper I created. Not all the paper is the same size and with the natural material used, each little sheet is unique in their own way. I think that they look rather lovely. The large yellow leaves are from our homegrown sunflowers. J send us a package of seeds and we grew sunflowers from it. They are now sadly gone, but I preserved some of their petals in these bright and cheerful cards.

I am now still collecting some other petals for drying, and collecting old bits of paper to shred and recycle as well. I hope to make some large and stunning sheets of paper next, that I might frame and display on the wall. So almost all (junk-) mail coming through the letterbox is ripped to pieces. A great stress reliever, lol & everything is saved for crafting time here at Pale Rose.

There are some things arriving in the mail, that I would never shred and recycle into a floral project. Such as this beautiful card that I got from our friends J&H. Paper and flowers combined in a way that does not need upgrading or altering in any way. I love it just as it is :D

Did you make a mess of the kitchen this week? Ever made your own paper? Like handmade cards? Or had something awesome happen... Don't hold back and tell me everything!

Jo's Daughter

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  1. What a nice new hobby: making paper and.......with a great result.
    The cards have become beautiful!
    Great compliment to your creativity.
    Lovely to follow all those activities through your blog
    Keep it up and good luck.


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