zondag 29 september 2013

Happy Michaelmas

The sky can show you many things. Sadly I'm not really familiar with reading such signs. But I do recognize natural beauty when I see it with my own eyes. These stunning colors surrounded our cottage and I wondered if it was a sign, telling me that Michaelmas would become pretty special this year...

As you probably already know (by reading the title?) it's St Michaelsday today. A feast we always remember and celebrate in a modest way, here at Pale Rose Cottage. Last year I showed you a picture of our swords bread. A tradition we kept going in 2013 as well.

Keeping it just that simple was the original plan. We shoved it aside though & decided to add a little something to make it more of a feast, why ever not? Mom's been super busy with felt & I have been sewing too.

I have made some bright red apples out of a scrap of felt, red knitted material, stuffing and brown wool (picture further down below). Creativity flowed at our cottage, as did conversation and love. A few ideas didn't quite work out, such is life isn't it... and though it's only early on St. Michaelsday, I think it's one of the best we had so far :)

Dad drove us to the city at the beginning of this month & we visited a craft shop. Mom bought some gorgeous green felt there. The lady from the store always hands your purchase to you in a brown paper bag. Which I love, it's also something Charlotte really appreciates & looks forward to ;) She enjoys sitting in paper bags and I made this adorable picture of her having a blast.

We all had a good time coming up with a more elaborate Sept 29. Searching for ideas, asking people for help on making it memorable. But after viewing many books, searching the web & emailing strangers, we did not find what we had in our head originally. That's ok, a road that's rocky and steep can lead to a breathtaking view after all. Here's a photo of my apples, I'll tell you about them a little later in this post:

Back to the green felt, we wished to make a dragon! It is an important symbol on St Michaelsday and online we spotted a fabulous dragon. The pattern was rather pricey due to shipping & impossible for us to get a hold of. Therefor mom set out to create our own. Demeter turning out great gave her the confidence that she could do it.

I helped search for images we loved. We looked at cards, paintings, fuzzy toys, pen drawings, tattoos even... We saw it all and then made our own beast. By adapting a free pattern, making its neck longer and changing the tail. Adding more spikes on its back. Everything got more customized I guess ;) It's a small dragon and I think it's a really cute one. It looks close to the dragon we fell for originally.

When my sister came over and saw it, she immediately said that she would stuff it in her purse later & take it home :D She didn't have to "steal" it, Mom gave her the dragon and made another one for us.

So again a lot of time was spend sewing, but now we have our fantastic dragon and our nature table is complete. Leaves, flowers and silk placed on the table. It really did take my breath away and the only word that left my lips was: WOW! What do you think??

Yesterday it was on to the food prep, as no party is complete without a fabulous meal. We simply had to do something with apples. The village farm shop sold organic apples for a reasonable sum & in no time a pot of apples was boiling on the stove. Mom made a large bowl of applesauce from Grandma's "secret recipe".

If you promise not to tell anyone else I'll share it with you. The applesauce does not have any extra sugar added. So it's a fresh and pure flavor that I could easily become infatuated with. Especially when you add a little bit of ground cloves, ginger root and a splash of fresh orange juice. Just like Grandma did...

Sometime earlier I had been making the two apples myself. A scrap of green felt left over from another project became the leaves. I made a stem out of a hand twisted cord which I made from dark brown yarn. I recycled some red knitted material, in its previous life a Scandinavian Nisser. Stuffed both with wool and I was happy with the result. As to my mind they resemble super bright apples, like the poisoned one from snow white. Coincidentally these are NOT for consumption either ;) They have different sizes and still go well together as the colors and materials are the same.

It's a shame my sister shall not be able to join us today, she had a birthday party to attend on the other side of our country & could not make it to Pale Rose. But the five of us are here and having fun so far.

For dinner we will have a quinoa salad, with feta cheese & freshly baked swords bread. Mom's homemade applesauce and probably an orange or some green grapes as a dessert. Haven't decided yet what I shall pick :)

Put on some grey woolen socks and a shrug today that mom knitted for me years ago. Am often cold but now I just donned them for extra coziness.

What feast are you eating this Sunday in celebration? Doing something special? Other family traditions you wish to share? Please do!  

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jo's Daughter

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