maandag 21 oktober 2013

A Soldier for my Birthday

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to me :D

I woke up early, as always and Charlotte was the first to greet me. Don't think she realized that I just added another year to my life. As I'm not a fan of Birthdays, or at least my own, that's perfectly ok with me. Presents are wonderful but unnecessary, we all know that the best gifts come from the heart anyway. This year however I got an amazing gift!!!  A soldier from Denmark, don't we make a cute couple?? ;) ...

Below a picture of us. I got loads of lovely things from my parents. Saying NO to excessive displays of celebration doesn't mean I will not be spoiled. The best thing I got this year was my gorgeous soldier, all the way from Denmark.

He's a vintage Kay Bojesen & I have been wishing for this Danish guy for many years. I saw one of these in a photo, ages ago and lost my heart. Today he came in a brown paper parcel with a bright ribbon as a surprise. Super adorable don't you think?! I quickly send a picture of him to my sister & she told me to never ever get rid of him. Should I wish to part with the Dane, she would gladly take him in.

Dad enthusiastically told me the story of how they came across this soldier. I'll share it with you: A while ago we cleared out Pale Roses cupboards. We brought a couple of bags to a charity shop & I say we, but it was just mom and dad went there. For some reason I don't recall, I stayed home that day & that turned out to be a good thing...

They went into the shop to hand over our donations & Dad spotted the red coat in a glass display case beside the counter. He asked Mom if that was one of those Toy-soldiers I always talk about & want to get for Christmas. They weren't sure as it stood on the top shelf & so Dad asked the lady to see it up close. When my Mom held it in her hand she was confident that this was the very one :D

They purchased him, wrapped him up in paper & that's how he came to be my b-day gift!!! Never would I have suspected to get one of these, or to find one so close to the tiny village where Pale Rose stands.

Above a picture of my other gifts. You can see that my beautiful yellow mittens are finished. Mom knitted every free second & so I had them long before the big day. I also got a new mascara. My old mascara was producing grains and so I quickly disposed of it. The pretty antique rose printed serving tray from Pimpernel was another gift. When your Birthday gets close your parents might hand you a little money when you spot a treasure in a shop & say "get it as a gift from us". Well, that's what MY parents say/do anyway.

In the mail I got a big white envelope from our friends J & H, decorated beautifully with lots of little cakes. I couldn't wait for today before opening it & so I already unpacked it on Saturday. Inside were a stunning 3 dimensional ladybug card, a cake card with pretty pearl buttons on it for my button collection. A cute little card with a blue elephant and a DVD. I became silent when I had opened this one and was really touched that J&H had seen this one in the shops and thought of me :D Thank you so much!! Might be watching it tonight, after the party as a little extra treat ;)

I also have another amazing gift to look forward to coming in the mail. Which will be rather wonderful as it's Austen related, but I shall talk to you about that another time. Will keep it as a surprise for now.

There is a small family gathering planned this afternoon. So I selected an outfit and dressed up a bit. As "the center of attention" you do have to look your best. Whether you're in a party mood or not. A little later as I was having a cup of tea with Mom, while Dad had some coffee, it felt like any other day. Which I like a lot, the only difference seemed the outfits and that sparkle in everyone's eye :D Perhaps it's not such a bad thing to have a Birthday celebration after all.

I got some cookies and nibbles ready, no party is complete without some tasty delights. Might be decorating the livingroom with my homemade bunting. I haven't decided yet whether or not I shall be balancing on a chair to hang it up. Got the kettle on stand-by and everything is set in the kitchen. Now we are just waiting for my sister & her boyfriend to arrive, which will be any minute I think.

I'll keep it short today. Haven't I been lucky to get so many gifts/signs of appreciation and love? I just had to brag about my Dane :D Aren't you jealous?! Or maybe you have your very own? Tell me about him, or talk about how you like to celebrate birthdays. Can always use a few ideas!

Until later,
The Birthday Girl

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  1. What a lovely birthday! I'm not a fan of excessive celebration either, as it is too overwhelming and you end up not enjoy everything fully.

  2. Thank you Grace! Had a great time & I hope you will too when you celebrate your b-day :)


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