zondag 6 oktober 2013

Catching up with Autumn

The garden has changed so much. From all shades of green, to bright reds, orange and yellow. When we walked round in it this week I noticed that Autumn arrived in every corner. It's probably my favorite season & inside our cottage we also surrounded ourselves with all things fall. Time to catch up...

A while ago my mom planted some yellow violas. I made a picture of it but never got round to show you, until today that is. The garden had a limited amount of flowers and so it was really nice to add that splash of color. It's a cheerful sight & I could use one after many rainy days :)

On our coffee table we filled our felted bowl with a bunch of nature's treasures. Some pinecones, acorn caps, 2 new wooden mushrooms & a corncob. The last one was a bit big for the woolen bowl, so it's placed beside it. That's ok, outside Autumn's things aren't as put together either.

We have been burning some candles again too. On St. Michael night and day lasted just as long. Now that it's October and winter slowly approaching us, it gets darker that bit quicker. The best way to make it cozy inside is to light a candle, don't you agree?! 
Charlotte is still trying to touch the flame so we do need to stay close to it, but no paws got scorched and everyone enjoyed the "warmth" it spread in our home. 

Above a picture of our garden. When you walk to the end of the path, underneath the tree, there grow some physalis (cape gooseberry?). Not anymore, as we picked them for Michaelmas and now have them in a vase on the shelf in our livingroom. The garden is pretty big and so we could not see them from the kitchen window. Which was a shame as they are turning that pretty orange color and look super festive. I placed mom's felt flower doll, representing the physalis, beside it and made this cute photo. Keep trying to come up with the proper English name but haven't a clue. You don't happen to know it?...

She made many more flower dolls & other great things for Fall. But now we just kept it simple. That might change in the next week or so. Stay tuned... I really love how all the physalis fruits have a different color. Now that they are in our cottage, without mud clinging to them from the rain, we can enjoy them even more.

We've had good news regarding mom's test in the hospital, but she's still in a lot of pain. Chloƫ Belle has still got some issues that make us sad. My headaches are unfortunately not cured yet... So for some things stress evaporated and with other things it's still there. Guess that's why I haven't been able to craft as much as I wanted, hoped or planned to do. Maybe it's about time for some relaxing Austen time? ;)

I have been going shopping for groceries in Germany with Dad. We brought back two baskets full of delicious things and I have already looked up a bunch of (new) recipes to make this week. Like: Tofu burgers, Carrot soup and Pumpkin fritters... Not sure if I'll make it all but that's the idea.

Cooking wise I'm still being creative & it's a great way to get your mind of things. It helps to focus on a recipe you never made before. We also brought home some Mimosa honey, which I'm not familiar with. Can't wait to try it on some toast for breakfast. Promises to be delightful :D

To finish this post I shall add a picture of the mushroom doorstop I made a while ago. Put it on display, because on my Monday walk I spotted a bunch of mushrooms. They seemed to pop up in gardens everywhere, except in the garden of Pale Rose cottage. Which is a shame, but inside the cottage they are looking rather beautiful next to Ivy.

How are you doing this week? Done a lot of crafting or cooking? Collected Autumn goodies to decorate your home? Ever tried Mimosa Honey?? Tell me everything...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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