donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Getting into Halloween

October thirty first again, so allow me to wish you all a Happy Halloween! 

Here at Pale Rose we are not big fans of all things spooky, scary or bloody. Still, I did make a little something to hang on the wall (or the blackboard to be precise). In honor of Halloween & our cat Charlotte really got into dressing up in costume !!! She's so cute...

Out of black and orange paper, a brown bag and some wire, I made a little decoration. See picture above. I got the pattern from a fun craft book I borrowed at the library called Witch Craft, wicked accessories and so much more.


You can see another page from this book in the background of the second picture. Just behind my glass of carrot juice. Love the ruby red sparkly vintage style slippers! There is no place like Pale Rose Cottage :D Especially at Halloween, we made pumpkin soup for lunch to celebrate. That's become a tradition here at the cottage. We also had a version last year :)

Mom and I love it, Dad not so much but sometimes on a special day you have a themed dinner, or lunch. Like eggs for Easter & maybe a Stolle for Christmas. At Halloween you have something with pumpkin or apple, or like we did today: both!!

Mom and I cooked Pumpkin & Apple soup with sunflowers seeds, one of my favorite recipes! It's sweet but savory as well, with crunchy sunflower seeds scattered on the top, yummy the mummy. No mummified remains here at Pale Rose (thankfully) I just felt like rhyming.

Because cats are very much a part of Hallows Eve, here a few pictures of our Charlotte. She's only little & like most kids she seemed to love dressing up for Halloween ;) Don't worry we do not dress our pets here at Pale Rose cottage. Charlie wanted to try these herself.

She's trying out her first option for a Halloween costume, a white paper bag. She would be going as a ghost I believe. I'll probably need to help her make a few holes in the bag, for the eyes. So she won't fall, seconds after taking this picture I rescued her from tumbling of the table. Charlotte had so much fun she didn't even notice her almost fall! 

After an hour or so of delight she realized that this just didn't fit her personality & tried something else. She attempted to look positively evil in her second Halloween costume option. Charlotte explored the possibility of going as a wolf. By acting the role of predator and using some of mom's sheep wool to represent a sheep she "killed" on Hallows Eve.

The growling noises Charlotte made were really impressive, as was the expression in her moss green eyes. She did get a bit tired of all that roaming around with a prey hanging from her mouth & fell asleep beside me. Our Charlie ends up looking rather like the sweet treat that she is, could Sleeping Beauty be her thing?!

Constantly being in character takes a lot from you I suspect. There's plenty of time left for her to pick another character. However she'll look tonight, I bet it's adorable! Ok, enough sillyness from me. 

Are you celebrating Halloween? Dressing up, eating pumpkin or going somewhere fun? Don't be a scaredy cat and share all your spooky stories with me...

Happy Halloween,
Jo's Daughter

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Halloween! The soup looks delicious!

  2. Did not celebrate halloween, but these pictures look great!

  3. Thanks Siri & Dagmar!! Hope you both had a great day on the 31st :D

  4. Aww! Charlotte is so cute! We don't celebrate Halloween in my country, but I loved your post!


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