donderdag 3 oktober 2013

Happy (almost) Animal Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been a BIG animal lover. I remember having a shelf full of stuffed animal toys. Books in which animals had wonderful adventures & loving nothing more than to watch animal documentaries on TV with Grandma. We've had many different pets over the years: Rabbits, Hamsters, Fish and a Guinea pig. A white canary and two amazing cats. Now we have our girls Charlotte + Chloë to share Pale Rose. With world animal day coming up tomorrow, I decided to provide a little treat already...

In the shape of some adorable pictures ;) These are some of my favorites &  I could not resist to show them to you :D Cats are awesome company!

Charlotte playing with some (plastic) sushi, she really loves it. It's a wind-up toy and it walks around the cottage livingroom, Charlie in full pursuit. She's a little bit wary because of the noise it makes, but courageously picks it up and takes it to her basket.

Here's our Chloë having fun with Pennies from Heaven. We picked these as they were ready to be peeled & I had hoped to place them in a jar on the table. This was not meant to be, Chloë enjoys the rustling sound they make. She keeps pulling them out of the vase & we just let her. How can you resist these beautiful eyes :)

Another one of Charlotte, with a funny expression. This time she's borrowed some of mom's knitting. Mom started a new project, making another Hottinger gnome. The wool was chosen and Charlotte gave her seal of approval after close examination. She unraveled the mystery of the multicolored yarn. Color, taste, safety and bounciness all to her liking, for sure she thinks our new Hottinger shall be delightful. As do I... (check out final picture further below)

Chloë enjoys to roam around Pale Rose's garden. We keep a close eye on the girls to make sure they do not hurt themselves. But before you know it they jump up and sit between the leaves. Here she is, up our tree loving the Autumn colors and garden view. Cute no?!

I'll add one more picture, of the Hottingers we have already. They too have gotten some good company & celebrate world animal day with a wooden rabbit and a small knitted cat.

Are you celebrating Animal day? Have wonderful pets? Or like(d) to watch those documenteries about every kind of animal there is? Tell me everything!

Take care,
Jo's Daughter

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