zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Orange, Grey & Hooray

I often think it's strange how the sight of something can influence your mood, don't you? Think a puppy runing down the street. Or a child eating an ice cream that melts... Makes you smile doesn't it. The last couple of days it has been grey skies all around & loads of rain coming down. Many a moment, when glancing out the window, did I feel a little less than my cheerful self.

Like the weather changing in a blink, so my sadness drifted away by the sound of the doorbell. Wearing his bright coat, transforming the glass in Pale Rose's front door from light grey to sunshine yellow...

the DHL mail man was there. He asked me to sign something & gave me a big box in return. Two hours later the bell rang again and his orange coat wearing "colleague" delivered an envelope as well. Both containing romantic stories that took my mind of missing Chloe, worrying about Mom's health & wondering when the Autumn sun would shine again through our cottage windows. Inside the livingroom it felt warm and wonderful all of a sudden :) Just look at our coffee table, isn't that a pretty picture?

I could hardly take it in, the immense generosity and kindness of all those lovely people made me feel spoiled  & I asked myself, why me? Five seconds later my heart sang hooray & I felt really happy. Thank you all so very much!!!

It was rather difficult selecting a book to start with, as I now had so many choices. I became a tad indecisive and picked a favorite again and again. Acting like the Libra that I am, raising this book and that book, seeing qualities in all. I was wasting precious time that could be spend reading. So I grabbed a story about a hot air balloon to take me away from the constant drizzle into clear blue skies full of adventure.

The next day I woke up at 10 past 6. A time that even us early birds of Pale Rose find REALLY early. After I gave Charlotte her breakfast & made a cup of herbal tea for mom & myself, I was rewarded by the sight of some gorgeous garden birds and truly enjoyed their play. Then I "woke up" from my spell & quietly snuck away to get my camera and make a few pictures. Non off them sharp or capturing the pretty birds to perfection. Here's one shy birdy hiding in the hedge, not up for a smile. Can you see the raindrops on the edge of the green branches? Like tiny glass beads reflecting a shine...

While typing this, I notice that my hands are orange tinted. I've washed them, scrubbed them and yet they still have that oompah loompah glow. Now you might assume that I have been getting a tan. With all my complaining about the rain & wishing for sunshine, it could have been a possibility. Had I been another type of girl, however I am not a fan of that particular look. My orange hands did not come from applying a cream of sorts. How did they change color? I hear you ask...

Well I have been cleaning, chopping and grating vegetables. Pumpkin to be precise. Not because I'm already preparing for Halloween or anything. (Have made some plans already but not put them into action yet.) No I just really wanted to cook some new dishes. A pumpkin salad and a pumpkin rösti for dinner. Wrote them down from a cookery book I borrowed at the library, as they seemed tasty & got down to cooking.

The salad was the first recipe I tried. It contained lentils and feta cheese, lettuce, 1/2 a pumpkin & rosemary. Many lovely things indeed. Dad had gotten us some delicious lentils when he did some grocery shopping in Germany a bunch of weeks ago. I planned to make this dish for a while but hadn't until now. Here's a picture of me holding the finish salad in our vintage pink bowl, which I love. See first picture for close up bowl. 

I'm wearing a (French) grey crochet little cape that Mom made for me a few years ago. I really liked the salad and definitely intend to make it again someday. It was made with all things healthy & the three of us enjoyed it, which is always good.

On another day I used the other half of the pumpkin. Alongside some potatoes, eggs, flour and parsley to make a pumpkin rösti. It looked rather pretty, smelled delish... but was hard to flip in the pan. I tried to be extra careful, sadly it did break into multiple bits.

Dad mentioned that as it would not go down in one go, it really didn't matter. He is right off course but being sensitive to aesthetics I so hoped to present a large and beautifully golden rösti. Color wise it was perfection and it just came in small and quirky unplanned pieces. Here's a shot before the accident took place.

And below a photo of a baked pumpkin rösti piece on my plate. It tasted lovely and perhaps it's a better idea to (in future) make individual sized portions in a pan. That way it shall be easier to turn over and a big stack of rösti will look great too. Cook and learn hey?!

That's all for today, I have to pack a bag and select an outfit. My sister has asked me to come over for a day. So tomorrow we shall spend some time together at her house. Haven't told her yet but I'm bringing her a book. SHHHH, *holding index finger before lips* we'll keep it between us for now ;)

How's your week been? Lots of grey days? Tried new recipes? Ever made a pumpkin rösti? Had the mailman bring you a gift? Reading a great book? Care to share the title? Please do!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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