woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Sibling Sunday

Got out of bed early on Sunday and hit the shower before anyone else could claim it first. Dressed with care and applied some make-up. Looked at the clock a couple of times, but no matter how often you glance. Or how much you wish to push the arrows further along, time has its own pace. You can do nothing but accept it's rhythm...

I made myself some breakfast: a goat cheese sandwich dipped in herbs & a cup of tea. Nine am was what I hoped it to be soon, as that would be the time that my sister would ring the doorbell and pick me up for a day at her house. She's super busy and focused on her job. Therefor her free time is limited and it had been a while since it was just the two of us. I was really looking forward to it, we had SO much to talk about :)

I packed her a few things that I collected & put the book in the bag aswell. Took my camera and figured I had plenty of time left for another cuppa.

My sister was on time and we all chatted a bit before I put my coat on and hopped into her car. It was raining again and as we drove away and waved, my sister told me that she hoped that it would stop soon. On the roads large pools of water had gathered and driving through them, water splashing up on all sides made her jittery. This "jolly" info & her expressed concern about a spinning free floating vehicle didn't exactly put me at ease. But all went well & we even stopped for a sec to admire some apples growing on the side of the road.

When I stepped into her hallway about an hour later, Chloë came to welcome us & was clearly happy. She purred and followed us inside. My sister suggested we make a pot of thistle and dandelion tea & then send Mom and Dad a text to let them know we arrived safely. Which we did...

Settled on the sofa with a herbal tea, my sister showed me a special treat she had been saving for today. A lady she works with went to Ireland on holiday & brought back some handmade fudge as a gift. It looked really beautiful and had walnuts inside. That sounds pretty good huh? Well, I had a small piece and it was simply fabulous!!! See picture below.

Tasted nothing like the fudge I buy here & it just melted in your mouth. It got me thinking about making my own fudge for Christmas. Have no idea if that's difficult to do, but will look up some recipes. Because the store bought fudge I liked before, really doesn't appeal so much now.

After teatime, we went into the kitchen and started the prep for dinner. We both like to cook & my sister had come across this new recipe to make a pumpkin and spinach dish. It involved making pumpkin puree, filling lasagna leaves with the spinach, pumpkin, feta cheese, herbs & rolling them up. Slicing it in pieces, placing them in a dish & adding the tomato sauce and sage. Complicated when you all write it down, no?! ;)

I got really excited about trying it, but can no longer eat pasta. It causes me to swell up and be in pain, so I suggested swapping it for pancakes. All in favor, we chopped a pumpkin, crumbled cheese and baked pancakes using Grandma's tried and tested family recipe.

We wanted to have everything prepared already, so we could easily assemble dinner & have plenty of time to enjoy each other's company until that time. We baked the pancakes in two pans and I admired my sisters new lilac mixing bowl with a handle. She told me it was the last one in the shop therefor, even though they were open on Sunday, I didn't have to run there straight away to get my own ;(

I'm not a fan of shopping on a Sunday anyway so it was fine really. I have my own vintage bowl in light pink, which is also super nice. We talked, we laughed, we remembered, we planned ahead & we had a blast! Time flew and before I knew it my stomach reminded me that dinner tie was approaching us once more.

The lights had been on the whole time, as it was dark outside but depressing feelings or thoughts related to the bad weather didn't bother me at all. We sat at her dinner table and filled the pancakes with the vegetable purees, cheese and herbs. Cut slices and puzzled them into her dish. See picture above.

Poured on the sauce and then realized that you no longer could see the pretty colored swirls... oops! When we read the recipe again, it became clear that you FIRST pour in the sauce and then add the swirls. So much for talking and reading simultaneously :)

Oh well, it didn't matter to me that much. I had already taken a picture of the dish without the tomato sauce. Even without the combination of colors, it looked appetizing to me. The food turned out great, the taste was delicious & it was all healthy stuff so that was even better. With the dishes done, we sat with Chloë some more. She wanted to be cuddled and I took some great photos, I had a wonderful time. Here's one with Chloë beside me, sleeping beauty or is it snow white?!

Then I packed my stuff again and went back to Pale Rose. I love nothing more than going back home, except perhaps spending time with my sister. It was a short but amazing visit. When we drove back to the cottage, I thought to myself: I have so many things/moments to cherish from this day. Including a "doggy-bag" of stuffed pancake swirls :D We made enough for 4 people and it was just the two of us...

Do you have a sister, or brother you get on with really well? Ever make changes to a dish you never made before, so your diet allows it? How did it turn out? Made your very own fudge? A good recipe to share? Please, don't be shy and tell me all about it!

Wishing you all the best,
Jo's Daughter

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