woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Stuck with a Bug & a Secret

Many artist have these periods or phases in which they are caught up with something. That can be a subject, or people and sometimes it's with color. I don't wish to claim that mom and me are artists, but we do have those type of phases. In which we are taken with something, experimenting and creating, trying to perfect it. Lately we have been stuck with a bug...

Of the Quinoa salad variety. As you probably already know, we made a quinoa salad on St. Michaelsday & it was so incredibly tasty that we became hungry for more ;)

Below a picture of our first salad, it had peas in it and cucumber, feta cheese & mint. Really delicious. When we were eating it, I noticed that some of the peas had faces on them. Bits of Quinoa stuck to them and created some interesting expressions. In the very first photo on this post you can see for yourself (using a little imagination) that this vegetarian dish was looking right at me ;)

When I was having my acupuncture done on Monday I noticed a cooking magazine in the waiting room & asked for pen and paper. I wanted to copy the recipe of a quinoa salad. The lady who does my treatments gave me permission to rip the page out and take it home.

Which I bravely did & I stuck it on Pale Rose's fridge, then I asked Dad to bring a few things from the shop. He was already buying some necessary ingredients for other meals I wished to make.  When he brought a shopping basket full of goodies home I grabbed my frilly apron and got cooking :D

This recipe had broadbeans in it, apple and Pomegranate seeds. It looked really good and flavor wise was nice as well. The only thing that prevented me from saying "this is amazing" was the seeds in the pomegranate seeds. The white pits in each red jewel...

I did not care for that particular texture and decided not to keep the recipe. It was perfectly edible but I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would, which was a real shame as it seemed so delightful in the picture & otherwise was lovely.


Then a little while later I was reading my sisters cooking magazine and spotted this picture/recipe. See photo above. I wrote down the ingredients, asked Dad again to bring a few things from the shop. Which he did, thanks Dad!!!

Here's Salad number three served individually in a white bowl. Containing beetroot, goatscheese, orange & lots of green veldsla. Which English name escapes me just now, sorry. The beetroot gives it it's bright color and I really put my heart in dressing up our plates extra nicely ;) Tried to make it look like hearts. I bet you can tell already that this was a salad we all loved :D

I wrote it down in my recipe book as a keeper. But I left my recipe book out, open on that page as this salad was to be repeated, not much later. The next time I made it, I was not spending too much time on making every plate look special. So I just mixed everything quickly, even the greens and it tasted just as fabulous as before.

Now I wish to make the pea version again, as it was scrumptious and simple to do. That would make 5 and I jokingly said to mom that we got stuck with the Quinoa bug. As all these salads are healthy to eat, that's not so bad is it?!

But becoming enchanted with quinoa salads isn't the "BIG" secret I wish to share. Let me start with the beginning, many weeks ago I got this thing in my head. It's kept me occupied and I'm not just referring to my thoughts, but my actions aswell.

It made me hide things away in the closet upstairs. It made me tell little fibs about what I was doing. Or why I needed to be alone upstairs, sitting on the chair in my bedroom. It made me anxious about whether or not I would be discovered before I had time to make it happen.

There were many moments in which I could hide it, just in time. There were many moments in which all that secrecy made me upset & I just wanted to scream because things wouldn't go as smoothly as I wanted. Also I felt tempted to tell my mom everything, just to hear her thoughts on it, but that would spoil things.

However, all the stress and all that secrecy paid off & this week I presented my mom with a little gift... Not to make up for my guilty conscious mind you! No nothing like that, I gave her the little gift I have been working on so hard.

In all those 5 minute, 10 minute stolen moments. Between dusting the rooms, having a cup of tea & folding laundry, ironing lots of clothes under Charlotte's watchful eye. All those secret moments, I have been sewing something for her by hand.

Obviously I could not use a sewing machine, or have all the materials laid out. I could not ask her advice and I could not chat about the progress. Yet it was worth seeing her smiling at the leave doll, sitting on the coffee table, as I was pointing at it and yelling SURPRISE!!!

It's not as perfect as I wanted, I did a lot of the sewing in the evenings. When she was resting and in pain. When Mom & Dad watched the news on TV. When I fibbed about being tired and going to bed early... Yes, I'm sorry about not being my completely honest self, but it was for a good cause. So that's a comfort isn't it. Here's another picture of our nature table with the falling leave doll on it. The smaller items are not as we first put them, I suspect a small cat rearranged them slightly ;) it still looks nice though, I think.

Have you ever secretly worked on a gift for someone? Did they find out before you planned, or was it a lovely surprise? Do you like Quinoa? Ever made a salad with it? Any recipe ideas you wish to share?? Please do, we are still stuck with the quinoa bug here at Pale Rose cottage, so....

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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