dinsdag 19 november 2013

A Pancake "Prophesy" & a Laugh

Though all the ladies in my family, as far as I know, bake(d) pancakes on a rainy day. Non off us are/where witches & we don't dabble in magic. Yet there are times when you see something magical appear. Like a sign or a secret message perhaps, or simply something that will make you wonder...

But first a photo of our birdhouse, the one my Dad made for us with his own hands a while ago. I promised you a finished picture. So much went on, time passed & I forgot, sorry about that. Here it is:

Looks lovely doesn't it? So how come not a single dinner guest has shown up and sampled our menu. I spotted a robin looking at it, but he did not go in... I don't know, maybe it's because Charlotte likes to sit in front of the window and looks out onto the garden?! Or maybe the birds are not interested in a winter's meal yet. We (the humans) living at Pale Rose cottage, DO enjoy a wintery meal.

It's often cold and I see many leaves falling from the trees. Revealing bare branches and more grey skies. A good hearty meal, a pancake, a stew perhaps or a bean salad will warm us up and sustain us for the day :) or so I reasoned with myself, it also provided the perfect excuse to try the brown bean & poppy seed salad. A recipe that I clipped from a magazine a while ago. See picture above.

Mom and I had it with the feta cheese sprinkled on top & Dad had some roulade with it. He's not a fan of feta cheese, but us vegetarian girls are :) I rather enjoyed it and it was easy to make. So I wrote it down in my recipe-keepers book & will make it again sometime.

If it's raining the witches are baking pancakes, or so the saying goes. I mentioned earlier that it's a family tradition with all the women at my mother's side, to bake pancakes when it rains.
When I asked mom who started this and why, she couldn't recall... For some reason we have always done this and I like to keep the tradition going. So when it was raining (again) one day this week, I helped mom bake two piles of pancakes. One with milk and one without.
I didn't notice anything unusual in the air, or in the pancake pan. But something we could not grasp must have been there. Swirling silently around us. I felt the warmth of the stove and the warm bond between my mom & me. Nothing else though at the time. In the evening at dinner, I took a pancake from the pile on our table. I intended to add some red fruit to it & there it was, a sign. Was it a prophesy of some kind? Probably not! But it was so strange to look down and see this.

The clear outline of a silhouette, a side facing figure. A heads profile, a Roman coin resemblance :D It was visible to me, but neither one of my parents spotted it. So I used the fruit juice to outline the contours of the face, took a photo & now everyone (you included) could see it very clearly. Who is it? What does it mean? What does it say about the future? Why did it appear on my homemade pancake?
Who cares, we all smiled and had such fun!! When I stopped giggling, my Dad tried to outdo this magical pancake by mentioning his own pancake. Try to see the fortune telling message hidden in this pancake... Can you guess?
"It's a weather forecast on my plate", Dad said with a grin. As he showed us this one in the photo above. No need for berry juice to outline this shape, it's crystal clear or should that be => icicle clear ;) "We'll have a cold winter ahead of us" he joked :D
By this time I was not just giggling but coughing as well. Dad was right though, my feet felt blue already. It was such a great silly moment, the three of us staring at pancakes to see what images they contained. You should have been there :D

The rest of the meal everyone was serious again & we chatted about other things. But yeah, it was a delightful dinner. Later that evening, I read a bit in my new Christmas book, which is lovely so far.

Also we watched a historic show on TV called (I believe) Tudor Monastery Farm. It was such fun!! Three historians are recreating life on a farm in Tudor England. The clothes, the houses, the way they lived. You see it all up close & I learned a lot. Still thinking about all the special moments we had today I couldn't sleep & then I started to think about what I would cook us tomorrow. Maybe a Shepherd's Pie with Lentils. Sounds good to me :)

How have you been this week? Baked pancakes? Read magical messages in your meals? ;) Seen the Tudor Farm series on the telly? Enjoyed doing something completely different? Do tell!!!!

Best wishes & see you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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