zaterdag 9 november 2013

Building Strength & a House

Some days make you feel awesome and some days not so much. Everyone at Pale Rose has been teary eyed, sniffling and rubbing red noses. More tissues please, became a familiar phrase at the cottage. Feeling our heads ache and stomachs harbor a storm, we needed to build our strength back up. Time for some good old tried, tested & terrific comfort food!

Mom's Danish rice pudding (usually reserved for Christmas) & a tangerine for breakfast. My parents and I, even my sister who has her own house & both our cats have been a little unwell.

The flu, or a virus the Doctor said. Take some pain medication, eat lots of vitamin fueled fruits & rest so you shall get better. I followed orders, hung out on the couch or went to bed early with my copy of P&P. I'm rereading it again, I admit that it's never as good as the first 10 times you read it but, still pretty amazing :) Even when you feel bad, or perhaps especially when you do.

I had to cancel my delightful High Tea plans. But luckily my friend S. understood and we will reschedule on another day. When I can fully enjoy each and every special moment. We will be watching a film together tomorrow so I can't wait.

I improved enough to cook some healthy comforting foods & a few other things in our fridge this week. It's important to eat well and get better quick. Had lots of chamomile tea with Mom & wore my woolen hat indoors. Not that the heating didn't work or that I was freezing, no nothing like that. Just because my ear was sore and I hoped a bit of warmth would help.

Won't share a picture of the hat, it's pretty and mom crochet it for me, still... Don't want you to get a realistic idea of how silly I looked. Earflap hat on and a red nose, you might mistake me for a Christmas nut. Which I am, though fancy dress is not for me thanks :)

Now I'm pretty much as before, without said hat & peachy. So due to being ill, I haven't been as creative or productive or adventurous as I would have liked. But Dad has been strong, carrying on and he even attended a workshop & build us a house!

For birds that is, not for people... Can't really do the last in a two hour workshop, which in reality was completed by Dad within just 30 minutes :D

I really like it and my Dad did a great job!! Try considering the fact that they didn't have the right screws, no saw or sandpaper and just nails to keep it all together. It looks fabulous doesn't it. Dad immediately brought out a leftover can of white paint to give it a coat. Then drove to the shops and bought some seed bulbs (how do you call those in English??) as food for the birds.

His enthusiasm was wonderful and now that it's on the wall, besides the garden door ready for customers, I can look at it when I sit at our dining table... Great fun!

(Photos taken from our window did not turn out ok, so you'll get a rain check on the finished birdhouse a little later.)

The only thing that would make it even more enjoyable would be some birds. We have not seen them yet, exploring our "feeding station".  Perhaps the rain made them decided to eat closer to home and stay indoors ;)

We didn't venture out more than necessary either. Only to the village shop, library and back again. I got some cookbooks and will want to try a couple of new recipes already. Here are some pictures of meals I cooked to get our health and strength back up.

Above a chickpea and pomegranate salad with goats cheese. Some sweet potatoes & boiled radishes shown below. Ever tried to do that? Boil them instead of eating them raw, that is. I find that the sharp taste mellows and it becomes almost like turnips. The bright red color becomes a pale pink. Mom says it's not turnips the flavor reminds her of, but something else she can't describe. Regardless we like them this way.

That's all for today, still not a hundred percent but it will only get better I'm sure :) Especially as I get back to my book and read some more about the story of a girl with fine eyes. Almost finsh the book so...

How are you feeling? Hope you''re not sick!! Been able to cook a few meals or try a new recipe? Been creative at all & build yourself a birdhouse? Had chamomile tea with a spoon of honey? Something else you want to share? Tell me everything!

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