woensdag 27 november 2013

High Tea Lunch

Some days are not memorable & others have a moment that will stand you by for a long time. There are many days in life you can call special, some more so than others. Today I had the most amazing day, I went out for lunch with my friend S. & I can tell you that it was a day to remember for a long time...


Last month it was my Birthday and when S. came to my "party" she invited me for a high tea. It would be in honor of my B-day, her treat. A wonderful gift and I had been looking forward to it. With my growing list of food intolerances it was difficult to find a place that would/could consider them. But my friend is a persistent lady and made it happen. So, get comphy and let me tell you all about it :D

I picked my outfit days beforehand, it needed ironing and that's not my favorite thing to do. Having it ready on the coat stand would make my day less stressful. Because who likes to do a chore and watch the clock simultaneously? ;) I don't. Time is Always slow when you want it to go faster isn't it?! I wanted to move quicker, so we'd already be on our first cup of tea...

The plan was for me to go to S.'s house, have tea & together go to town. Have a city walk and then lunch at the restaurant. The roads were going to be blocked, lots of heavy traffic needed to pass or something & other vehicles could not get through. Still makes sense to you?

Anyway, S. came to our place for the tea, as it was closer to town & easier to maneuver the roads this way. I cannot drive & just assumed S. was right, she's a fab driver and I trusted her to get us there in time. Which we did, because we did not have any obstacles or roadblocks at all. The signs warning us for them had probably not been removed after the event had passed. So me being "nervous" about missing our reservation: completely unnecessary.

We strolled through the city and entered a few of S.'s favorite shops. I had never visited some of them & it was fun to see all the pretty things for sale. A gorgeous mistletoe hanger for Christmas caught my eye. It inspired me to maybe make something like it myself sometime later. A very pretty miniature cupcake in a glass dome was sold in a shop there & I also spotted pretty cinnamon-wooden tree decorations. Stars, xmas trees and intricate icicles. My friend got one of each & later when we looked at them again, I noticed that the wood indeed smelled of cinnamon, which is delightful.

Then we glanced at our watches and decided to stroll to the restaurant. The wind was pretty cold and I was glad to be wearing my scarf and mittens. Would Dad's pancake be right & predict a cold winter? ;) Now it was time for our High Tea Lunch & I was feeling peckish. Originally we would go for a High Tea, but as sweets are now out of the question, it was to be a savory version. The restaurant would make it especially for us. Couldn't wait to see and more importantly (perhaps) taste it!

We started with a cup of Earl Grey tea, you could have a glass of Prosecco. I passed that offer, as I don't drink any alcohol & tea is my beverage of choice any day. Then we were served three different soups with mini breads. A clear onion soup, a creamy pumpkin & a rich tomato soup. All served in teacups, looking and tasting great. I knew right away that this was going to be a huge success :)

The second tea we had was a cornflower and strawberry, called The Dream of Maastricht I believe. It was a sweet and yummy flavor, so I gladly accepted another cup. Up next was an arrangement of little canapes. With tomato, egg salad, a rocket mixture & one with an omelet. Spicy vegetable wrap & I don't recall the other one, but it was all rather fabulous. The best part being that I could eat whatever I wanted! No sugar or cheese, chocolate or anything I can no longer eat in any of it.

Again we had a different tea flavor. This one had caramel in it, we both could not taste it as such. Never mind, the overall flavor was lovely. The lady serving our table presented us with a truffle risotto and baked sweet potato on top. Everything looked really pretty and you could tell that it was made from fresh ingredients.

I don't remember the last time I smiled so much during a meal out. But the company & good meaningful conversation we shared, all added to an amazing day. That I didn't want to end & luckily it wasn't over for a long time yet.

We had more tea, I picked the one with cornflowers again & then we had dessert. A fruit salad with a sabayon. The salad was served in a large wineglass and the sabayon in another teacup. I loved the feel it gave our High Tea & the fresh fruit was a perfect sweet ending to our successful lunch.

Today I didn't really feel like the Birthday girl, but I did feel pretty fantastic. My friend and I didn't just talk about all the fun stuff in life. Besides the normal chatting more serious subjects naturally came up & that felt good. I definitely had the feeling when we got back into the car, that we had gotten a little closer as before. So yes that was a really nice bonus.

When S. dropped me off at Pale Rose, the two of us got out of the car & into the cottage. Mom had already told me she was going to be curious about our adventures of the day & we both shared our experiences with her. It was fun talking some more about this special lunch and we showed my mom our pictures. She did look at them with interest, but later told me our smiles where even better "proof" of a special afternoon. Before S. and I said our goodbyes we secured another date for a meeting. I'm looking forward to spending more time together. Had a wonderful time with her & an awesome High Tea as well, what more can you ask for :D

Do you like High Teas? Ever had a savory one? Recently spend time with a special person? Talked about important things? Or had a new tea flavor you recommend? Tell me everything!

Best wishes to you,
Jo's Daughter

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